Liquid UI: SAP GUI reinvented for your pocket-simplify, automate and deploy standard SAP transactions to your Android, iOS, and Handheld devices

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Thomas Ewe, CEO
What is Liquid UI?

Liquid UI from Synactive is the cost-effective, and highperformance enterprise-grade platform enabling rapid adoption of mobile user interfaces for SAP ERP. Liquid UI’s mobile app connects directly to SAP without middleware or additional network infrastructure. The value proposition is simple:
• Take the reliable and powerful SAP GUI that has driven the successful use of SAP, modernize it, and put it seamlessly onto mobile devices.
• Run your existing business processes, including Z transactions, without programming while leveraging your existing ERP stack.
• Using our JavaScript engine, you can further enhance and simplify SAP GUI business processes.

This drastically reduces the risk, costs, and time to implementation associated with ERP transformation and S/4 migration, through dramatically reduced development, improved user adoption, process gains, and the minimization of IT resource strain.

Why Liquid UI?
• Built for S/4HANA Mobility
• Robust Support for Mission Critical MTL Needs
• One APP That Scales for Your Whole Organization
• Retains Dynamic Complexity and Flexibility of Existing Processes
• Immediately Mobilizes All Native and Custom Transactions
• Mitigates Development Risk and Cost
• Backed by 20 Years of SAP UI Experience

Liquid UI Platform Components
• Liquid UI for iOS Mobilize your SAP GUI to iOS in minutes
• Liquid UI Rapid Apps End-to-end, pre-baked apps and bots for any industry
• Liquid UI SDK Powerful, centralized and JavaScript-based
• Liquid UI for Android Use SAP GUI on the world’s most popular mobile OS
• Liquid UI Server Optimize and accelerate network traffic
• Liquid UI for SAP GUI Simplify complex processes into intuitive screens
Mobilize Immediately

SAP mobility does not have to be a major IT Project. You can download and activate Liquid UI for full SAP GUI access from your handheld or tablet. Embolden your warehouse crew, maintenance technicians, or mobile salesforce by giving them immediate SAP mobile connectivity.

Add Roles-Tailored Screens

Use Liquid UI's front-end customization engine to develop modern, role-tailored user interfaces while leveraging your SAP system's existing logic and security. Design and tailor your screens for your organization and your users, taking advantage of Synactive’s years of user engagements.

Alternative Decision?

Liquid UI is a rapid implementation “buy” solution requiring considerably less development cost and risk than any other. Liquid UI uses the SAP GUI and supports S/4 and all SAP ERP. Other solutions including HTML are “build” decisions that:
• Require augmentation or replacement of SAP ERP business logic
• Require 7 to 10x cost and time of Liquid UI
• Become increasingly difficult for more complex processes
• Are not necessary to implement SAP S/4 effectively

About Synactive, Inc.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Synactive, Inc. is the leading developer of optimization and user-enablement solutions for use with SAP ERP applications. Synactive is singularly focused on empowering any and all SAP ERP customers to rapidly innovate within their unique business environment by easily adopting the principles and practices of digital transformation, without disruption to their IT landscape. Founded in 1998 by Thomas Ewe in close cooperation with Synactive GmbH, Synactive technology continues to build on the legacy of a powerful technology that started with GuiXT, which is bundled with SAP. Today, Synactive solutions like Liquid UI easily extend SAP, via a cohesive and centrally managed UX, to iOS, Android, Windows CE/Mobile devices, Web and Desktop environments.

Liquid UI

Foster City, California

Thomas Ewe, CEO

Liquid UI GuiXT provides a unified user interface strategy across entire enterprise, whether one is using SAP GUI, SharePoint, SAP NetWeaver® Business Client, HTML5 Web browsers, PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets or mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, RFID tag readers, barcode scanguns/offline devices. With patented connectivity technology, SAP is quickly at fingertips with native transactions on mobile devices, or with the company’s screen combined technology, SAP PM, MM, SD, etc. are optimized for any touchpoint.

Liquid UI