LiquidFrameworks: Unique Mobile Field Operations Software Suite

Trent Derr, President & CEO
Oil and gas companies are leveraging mobile technologies to accelerate business, tear down traditional silos of communication, gain real-time visibility across their operations, and close the loop in the field with timely, accurate data. LiquidFrameworks is a leading provider of cloud-based, mobile field operations management solutions that is contributing to this new paradigm by serving oilfield, industrial and environmental services industries. LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution provides companies with numerous benefits, including increased and accelerated revenue capture, cash flow, improved contract compliance, invoice accuracy, and better customer responsiveness. “Our solution allows our customers to get closer to their customers by providing them with accurate and timely invoices and data that other service providers aren’t able to do. In the current market, that is a big differentiator for our customers,” says Trent Derr, President and CEO of LiquidFrameworks.

LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX suite is a complete mobile field operations management solution that empowers oil and gas companies with the ability to organize and manage jobs, quotes, field tickets, personnel, equipment, contracts, price books, electronic forms, and more.

FieldFX was developed to cater to the needs of field personnel. Its user-friendly features and structure accelerate the solution implementation and increase the long-term success rate with field technicians. Additionally, FieldFX makes an organization’s existing processes more efficient, allowing them to speed up the process to collect field data and reduce the time required to invoice a customer. This streamlined approach between field operations and accounting results in a dramatic reduction in Days Sales Outstanding. FieldFX has a customizable alert engine built into the system enabling users to set up email or text message notifications throughout the workflow process.

The operations, field, and accounting personnel utilize FieldFX to produce a more streamlined, efficient, and valuable mobile field operations process. The solution holds information in one centralized database, allowing users to have information such as price books, staff, labor rates, equipment, materials, and job related documentation in their fingertips.

Our solution allows customers to get closer to their clients by providing them with accurate and timely invoices and data

This helps minimize mistakes in job quotes, invoicing, and enables dispatching the right equipment and people to jobs in a timely fashion.

The solutions of LiquidFrameworks have been successfully deployed in many use cases. Once, Carber, a specialty mechanical service solutions provider was facing the challenge of high working capital requirement and billing intensive business with numerous invoicing errors. The company implemented a phased roll out strategy for FieldFX, gaining buy-in from all levels of the firm within a fixed deadline. As a direct result of implementing LiquidFrameworks solution the client gained increased profitability and cash flow with real-time visibility to revenue and job information.

FieldFX works both online and offline on an iPad, Android, or Windows-based table or laptop so the field technicians can perform the job, make changes to the ticket, attach any related photos or documents, and record any site data. The product suite consists of several seamlessly integrated modules designed to meet the unique needs like E-Field Ticketing Platform, FX Job Scheduling, FX Timecards and FX Analytics.

Developing FieldFX is the key plan that LiquidFrameworks is currently working toward and plans to continue assisting their clients to streamline processes resulting in dramatic savings and increased value. “Our sales numbers represent the importance of the FieldFX solution to the markets we serve and how well the marketplace has embraced it as a way to generate maximum revenue amid the oil price turbulence,” concludes Derr.


Houston, TX

Trent Derr, President & CEO

Providing a complete mobile field operations management solution with the ability to organize and manage jobs, quotes, field ticketing, equipment, contracts, and labor.