Liquidware Labs: Augmenting Personalization of User Desktop Environment

David Bieneman, CEO & Co-Founder
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is helping professionals in accessing desktop—applications and data—from anywhere at any time. Citrix, a prominent player in the VDI field provides platforms to access virtual desktops and applications on any device— enabling enterprises to mobilize their business. In the Citrix environment, each user has own virtualized desktop and a preferred way of operating that suits the need of an individual. While acknowledging the importance of managing user profiles in the mobile space, Liquidware Labs, provides comprehensive user environment management, application layering, and UX monitoring for Citrix in one convenient suite known as Essentials.

The offering includes ProfileUnity with FlexApp for user environment management and application layering, and Stratusphere UX for diagnostics. “ProfileUnity is a product of user and persona management in a physical and virtual environment. When you add FlexApp, it brings in the ability to package, manage, and deploy applications,” begins David Bieneman, CEO and Co-Founder, Liquidware Labs.

ProfileUnity empowers the organizations with centralized User Environment Management for Citrix and includes advanced FlexApp with application layering capabilities. The offering replaces roaming profiles and folder redirection for sophisticated user profile management across Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and streaming, virtualized and layered applications modes. The accessibility of applications from different geographical locations brings in the need to stay compliant with the user settings and policies. ProfileUnity goes beyond profile administration and offers advanced User Environment Management (UEM) elements to permit administrators to effortlessly make and convey rules about client’s cooperation with their desktops and applications. It also identifies the logging details including time and location of the users. This control allows administrators to augment user’s productivity while maintaining security policies.

At one instance, Michigan State University (MSU) was facing quality issues in virtualizing their servers and desktops completely. They were in a need to provide the students and researchers with the capability of personalization.

ProfileUnity is a product of User and Persona management in a physical and virtual environment

With ProfileUnity on-board, MSU was able to provide personalization on non-persistent desktops to the students and faculties. “Installing ProfileUnity wasn’t a priority at first, but after having seen the inherent benefit to using the product, it’s definitely a priority now,” says J.J. Strieff, Network Director of Health Information Technology (HIT), MSU.

Instant application delivery has run-time errors with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments and this is rising as a concern for enterprises. FlexApp being integrated with ProfileUnity allows its customers to deliver applications on demand without any issues relating to run-time. It enables administrators to assign department-level applications to groups of users, and empower selected users to install their own applications.

For managing desktop performance and user experience with complete visibility of user profiles, Liquidware Labs provides Stratusphere UX. It provides the visibility and in-guest details necessary to meet user expectations and deliver user experience. The solution complements Citrix EdgeSight and Director for comprehensive Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Monitoring platform. It helps its customers in minimizing risk by providing real-time data of user’s activity, machine’s performance and status of applications while supporting the infrastructure. It facilitates quick identification of constraints to easily diagnose root cause and troubleshoot virtual infrastructures. It also supports troubleshooting performance issues in Citrix XenApp.

Forging ahead, Liquidware Labs plans to add significant features and refinements in their offerings by automating various aspects of virtualization. “Our goal is to ensure that the user experience of a virtual desktop completely rivals that of the physical desktop,” concludes Bieneman.

Liquidware Labs

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David Bieneman, CEO & Co-Founder

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