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Chris Waters, CEO Litigation can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. It depletes legal budgets and consumes vast amounts of resources, making it one of the topmost areas of concern for every law firm, corporate in-house counsel, or insurance panel counsel. The complexity surrounding litigation has also been one of the most persistent challenges for the legal services industry to solve. While the issues are deeply entrenched in the industry, they can be efficiently mitigated with expert services from Lit Support 365.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Lit Support 365 is renowned for revolutionizing the litigation support industry by providing cutting-edge support solutions to law firms, corporations, solo practitioners and legal service vendors.

Tackling the Challenges Head-on

Companies embroiled in a legal dispute typically want to trim litigation-related expenses in order to minimize costs. They often turn to legal support service vendors in search of appropriate guidance on moderating the cost of litigation without adverse effects on the outcome of the legal dispute. And that’s when they hit the roadblocks.

Most vendors, with little to no knowledge of the client’s specific pain points, generally propose pre-built software solutions to streamline workflows and case strategies. In reality, clients might not even need these proposed software solutions. Instead, they need institutional and practical knowledge to help them prudently navigate the litigation lifecycle. Even with a software solution, attorneys, paralegals, and general counsels—who are not technically savvy—find it challenging without adequate support and training that run-of-the-mill legal service vendors fail to provide. As a result, they are often left with a ‘sour taste in the mouth,’ eventually losing trust and rejecting the solution.

Amidst this challenging backdrop, Lit Support 365—with its breadth of expertise in litigation support, legal tech solutions, and everything in between—ascertains the importance of providing cost-effective litigation support services in tandem with the client’s c lear-cut objectives

Lit Support 365 provides sole practitioners, law firms, corporations, general counsels and their staff with extensive knowledge and experience-based services in several practice areas of litigation. With an impressive services portfolio consisting of eDiscovery services, subscription support services, reprographic services, trial support services, and consulting services among other services, Lit Support 365 enables clients to meet the demands of cases with varying complexities while keeping cash outflow in check. Clients are also trained to understand processes such as e-discovery and trial management.

Rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all solution, the company works with clients to offer tailor-made services supported by industry best practices and industry-best software solutions that increase their success rate without the need for additional staff or resources.“From offering all kinds of litigation support to handling legal tech issues, Lit Support 365 has got it all covered with personalized services based on the exclusive challenges faced by different organizations,” says Chris Waters, CEO of Lit Support 365.
Chris Waters himself has had an illustrious career, spanning more than two decades in the legal services industry, amassing vast experience in every facet of litigation support, ranging from family law and patent to construction litigation. From keeping up with records management to preparing trial strategy, his years of notable contributions in various practice areas enabled him to build Lit Support 365 with a resolute aim to revolutionize the way litigation support services are offered.

The White Glove Collaboration

The key factor empowering Lit Support 365 to break the mold of traditional practice support is their consultative approach to client engagement. It begins with an in-depth discussion about the client’s key objectives. Once Lit Support 365 develops a complete understanding of their client’s goals, they gather information on ESI stipulations, new eDiscovery guidelines, and timeframe-related demands for the project to guide clients through needed actions accordingly. Based on these consultations on various parameters, the company finalizes the tools required for the project and provides the most cost-effective service to their clients. For instance, if a client approaches them with a data review project, Lit Support 365 scrutinizes their documents, project strategies, and deadlines to see if the client is actually in need of a data review process. They might propose a far more inexpensive, software-based assessment in order to prevent the client from needlessly spending thousands of dollars on a data-review team.

Accentuating the role of groundbreaking technologies in the domain of legal services, Lit Support 365 offers a complete suite of tools that support the full cycle of litigation. These include email file conversion tools, indexing and processing tools, eDiscovery document review platforms, forensic data collection tools, trial presentation software and a variety of other software and applications that many prominent law firms use to plan case strategies for their clients. Within this scope of essential tools, Lit Support 365 is able to level the playing field and provide solutions for the most complex aspects of litigation to the simplest litigation projects.

"Equipped With Longstanding Experiences In The Legal Support Industry, We Understand The Challenges Associated With The Workflows Of Paralegals, Attorneys, Or Insurance Carriers, And Fittingly Provide Solutions To Their Problems"

Remaining mindful of an eDiscovery platform’s far-reaching implications, Lit Support 365 utilizes Relativity, a legal eDiscovery platform provider brings the entire eDiscovery process together on a single platform. Meanwhile, as clients streamline data collection processes with eDiscovery software; they also demand stable and cost-effective price points for costs. Aware of these expectations, Lit Support 365 has partnered with Reveal Data to provide a comprehensive platform that packages all eDiscovery costs and fees into a single, monthly charge. As a result, clients are spared from paying separate fees for user licenses, hosting, and data processing.

At the same time, in an industry where hard copy evidence remains a critical component, the exceptional team at Lit Support 365 utilizes advanced printing equipment and software to roll out a long list of reprographic services that help attorneys effortlessly review and create paper documents during trials. Lit Support 365’s reprographic services include document labeling, image endorsement, onsite scanning, OCR and LDD, Indexing & Coding, binding and finishing services, and more.
On top of that, the company facilitates directory listing and indexing that informs users of the contents of a drive prior to opening the files. Last but not least, Lit Support 365 has a mix of diverse cybersecurity tools to meet any and all needs of clients to help them mitigate threats with total assurance.

In the Days to Come

A key proponent of Lit Support 365’s value proposition is its extremely knowledgeable and experienced workforce that takes its services to the next level. Chris Waters is at the helm of an organization where everyone—from the office administrators, paralegal supervisors, senior project managers, and senior attorneys—has hands-on, BIGLAW experience with working on a variety of litigation projects. This helps Lit Support 365 stay up-to-date on all the latest industry developments and align its offerings and support services accordingly. “Equipped with longstanding experiences in the legal support industry, we understand the challenges associated with the workflows of paralegals, attorneys, or insurance carriers, and fittingly provide solutions to their problems,” adds Chris Waters.

As a company founded to meet the growing demands for legal support services while minimizing costs, Lit Support 365 is working proactively to diversify its product and service portfolio to broaden the scope of its services.

Lit Support 365 is currently responding to an industry trend of corporations attempting to build their own legal departments without the assistance of law firms. Lit Support 365 intends to reach out to these organizations to demonstrate how they can minimize their legal costs and handle litigations properly. Over the next two years, the company plans to partner with C-suite executives from several organizations to act as their back-office support and provide resources—from appropriate workflow strategies to dynamic technological tools—to help them efficiently build effective legal departments.

From Offering All Kinds Of Litigation Support To Handling Legal Tech Issues, Lit Support 365 Has Got It All Covered With Personalized Services Based On The Exclusive Challenges Faced By Different Organizations

Finally, the company is about to introduce its own eDiscovery platform to help attorneys review litigation documents faster and easier. Built with features like drag and drop, OCR coding, and advanced analytical tools, the platform will be extremely easy to use and will offer a step-by-step production process. Also, since Lit Support 365 deals with several areas of litigation support, from construction to medical practice litigation, each with its own set of search parameters, the platform will assist them in coding with easy-to-use templates for search requirements rather than developing a rigid backend process. “Given how there’s a lack of transparency between the way an eDiscovery platform is sold and utilized, we are going to bridge the gap and help attorneys uncover actionable insights from their data and act upon them—all while decreasing expenditure,” concludes Chris Waters.

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Lit Support 365 provides sole practitioners, law firms, corporations, general counsels and their staff with extensive knowledge and experience-based services in several practice areas of litigation.

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