Litera: Offering Comprehensive Suite of Solutions to Magnify the Microsoft Office Investment

CIO VendorNorm Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer Joy Heath Rush, Vice President, Client Development
Headquartered in McLeansville, NC, Litéra is the global leader in content risk management software, with best-of-breed products to create, collaborate, compare, control and clean business documents. The company’s technology allows organizations to improve productivity, mitigate risk and protect reputation. “As a Microsoft partner, we are specifically good at removing road blocks that come from having to deal with the tradeoff between controlling risks and being productive. We start our design with how users already work,” explains Norm Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer, Litéra.

For clients operating in professional services, one of the biggest challenges with the Microsoft ecosystem is the number of third-party applications and add-ins. “Microsoft users rely on myriad third-party products to meet industry-specific functional requirements, and it often becomes difficult for users to understand all of the various pieces from various vendors,” adds Joy Heath Rush, Vice President of Client Development.

To resolve these issues, Litéra starts with end users’ need and builds the capabilities they require on top of the existing Microsoft platform. Litéra maximizes the benefit of investments in Microsoft technology and minimizes the amount of new training and processes required. “With a focus on non-disruptive integration into day-to-day user workflow, our suite of proven solutions immediately impact efficiency while scaling to any size office environment to provide maximum administrative control and information security,” explains Rush. For this purpose, the company focuses on particular vertical markets, using the expertise of a veteran management team with an emphasis on customer input and service.

The company’s flagship document comparison product is used by a majority of the world’s top law firms. Change-Pro Total Document Comparison (TDC),is a patented technology that enables users to compare every letter, table, embedded object and image pixel for the most accurate and reliable comparison possible.
“Everything important has an expiration date; drugs, food, credit cards; why not your documents? We give you the ability to make every single Microsoft Office and PDF document created in your company to have its access rights and privileges tailored after the fact, no matter where those documents are or what their privileges were at the time they were sent,” Thomas explains about a new Litéra solution. “While you are creating a document, you are not so much thinking about digital rights management and who should have privileges. However, after it has been finished and then sent, you may later need to eliminate the ability for someone to view or use that document or you want to change its expiration date.”

One of the secret ingredients to Litéra’s success is the ability to allow CIO’s and system administrators to tailor user software interaction by user or by group, oftentimes setting the solution to run in a manner that is completely invisible to the user. A good example of this is Litéra’s patented metadata removal solution, Metadact-e. The mailroom worker, and other users not in a position to see the bigger security picture, can be configured to have zero control of the metadata removal process once they hit send on an email. Managers, or tech savvy users who have the need and understand better the client/company security requirements, can be given varying degrees of control over which metadata is scrubbed from any particular email attachments, including those from mobile devices.

“Going forward, at a higher level, our aim is to integrate with a broader set of enterprise infrastructure players for key workloads like messaging, internet, document management and HR systems. We have unparalleled expertise in the area of collaboration and we will continue to focus on professional and financial services enterprises and continue staffing our own organization with the best people,” concludes Rush.

Though we have applications that help CIO’s migrate to the cloud, our software works anywhere without forcing companies to go there


McLeansville, NC

Norm Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer Joy Heath Rush, Vice President, Client Development

Offers comprehensive suite of document creation, collaboration, comparison, control and cleansing software