Lithium: Radically Altering every Aspect of the Customer Experience

CIO VendorRob Tarkoff, CEO
New technologies and agile, adaptive platforms are dramatically changing business dynamics and how brands engage customers. And this isn’t just true for new web and mobile businesses.Established businesses across every industry are being forced to adapt in a world of extreme customer expectations defined by 24x7 instant response, immediate connection through social channels, profound service demands around product flaws, participation in a brand’s definition viauser feedback and ideas,and reward and respect for loyaltybeyond mere point systems. The pace of this change is accelerating with smart phones and apps. The companies who will thrive need to adjust their paces accordingly.

Lithium can be an important partner to help companies meet these extreme expectations.Lithium’s software helps companies monitor and respond on social networks, build trusted content on a community they own and combine a consumer reach and reputation system with the leading community platform.Founded in 2001 and a leading provider of technology and services to address customer experience across social media, Lithium has built social communities for over a decade and helped iconic and emerging brands around the worldreinvent—and reinvigorate--their customer relationships.
Rob Tarkoff is President and CEO of Lithium. Before joining Lithium he was the leader of the Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit of Adobe Systems with revenue in excess of $1 billion.

With his vision around and broadexperience in customer management, Rob has focused Lithium on a sweet spot in today’s economy: helping executives from marketing, service, and customer experience departments navigate extreme customer expectations—especially in a social context.

Lithium is best known for building communities for iconic brands such as eBay, BestBuy, Sony, Sephora, Skype, Google, and Telstra. And those communities help marketing and service departments get closer to consumers in a variety of authentic, dialogue-based ways. At the same time, Lithium Social Web provides real-time social monitoring, analytics, and actions to help brands solve issues on Facebook and twitter quickly—and syndicate praise and compliments while also addressing complaints. Recently, Lithium also acquired Klout, the definitive tool for measuring online reputation and impact for more than 500 million consumers worldwide.

“More than ever, customer experience has become the battleground for brands to differentiate themselves and unlock the real power of social. To succeed, brands must create trusted content and engage customers in conversations on their own websites to move their businesses forward. Ourcustomers are doing just that—and with Klout, we offer a unique combination of trusted people with trusted content, adding more depth and intelligence to every part of the social dialogue,” explained Rob.


Rob Tarkoff, CEO

Provider of social customer experience management software for the enterprise