LiveHive Inc.: Powerful Engagement Analytics Meet Advanced Automation

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO
Businesses want sales solutions that can be easily integrated and deliver significant ROI by supporting multiple needs—from lead management to higher quality leads to shorter sales cycles. At the same time, sales organizations need increased buyer-side visibility and modernized sales processes to successfully sell in a digitally transformed landscape. California-based LiveHive addresses these pain points with powerful engagement analytics combined with advanced automation through its sales acceleration platform, delivering valuable insights about a company’s prospective buyers, team performance, and the likelihood of deals coming down the pike.

“LiveHive was architected from the start as a powerful content sharing and analytics platform,” says Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO of LiveHive, Inc. LiveHive’s analytics deliver deep insights across all stages of the sales cycle. It integrates with sales automation—email sequencing and group email—to offload routine tasks and increase sales efficiencies. Furthermore, the company’s analytics enable sales teams to understand the potential customers and prioritize opportunities. This empowers managers to understand the effectiveness of their team’s prospecting and qualification activities—refining sales processes and delivering more accurate pipeline forecasts.

LiveHive’s engagement analytics show effectiveness of sales team behavior and processes at every stage of the sales cycle. LiveHive arms sales reps with information they need to advance opportunities with intelligent outreach. It provides sales leaders insight into prospect engagement and sales processes, increasing conversion rates and shortening the sales cycle. Sales teams can spend hours creating initial outreach and follow-up emails that are not always relevant to prospects. With LiveHive SmartPath intelligent and automated email and call scheduling, sales teams can effortlessly build and schedule email sequences with response rules for personalized follow-up. Based on the engagement with the prospect, LiveHive SmartPath automatically generates a personalized email follow-up positioned on the prospect’s interest. SmartPath’s call and voicemail scripts ensure the process is being followed, based on the engagement of the prospect while providing management with insight into all reps’ activities.

Analytics help sales teams quickly see what prospects are most interested to prioritize opportunities

SmartPath makes it simple to increase outreach while successfully tracking content and email engagement individually for personalized follow-up. With the time saved with SmartPath, sales reps get more hours in the day to spend on research and account planning.

LiveHive has helped many companies to interpret their respective prospect data. In one such instance, DemandDrive, a leading demand generation firm in information technology and services, wanted to prioritize and better understand their prospects’ interests to personalize their outreach. With the use of LiveHive’s prospect ranking, along with email and content tracking, the company delivered more personalized emails aligned with the prospects’ interests and improved quality connects by 35 percent. Also, through group emails, LiveHive enabled DemandDrive to increase sales rep productivity.

LiveHive’s vision is to be a single and unified sales platform that delivers a seamless experience across the entire sales funnel for sales leaders. The company intends to provide sales organizations with insights across the revenue funnel to better align with marketing, help drive new business opportunities, and get visibility into their entire business. “We will continue to build capabilities and partner with key technology providers to help leaders get better insights on the effectiveness of their entire sales team, sharpen their customer focus, improve performance, and speed the sales cycle,” concludes Balasubramanian.

LiveHive Inc

San Jose, CA

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO

Delivers an open, extensible sales acceleration platform that empowers sales leaders with deep buyer-based engagement analytic insights

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