LiveOps: Enabling Multichannel Commucation in Customer Ser

Marty Beard, President & CEO Over the years, the concept behind a call center has undergone a sea of change, signaling a shift in the consumer’s outlook towards customer care. With significant advancements in technology, there was instant access to information, and the dependency on call centers decreased gradually. Even the term “call center” is antiquated and inadequate, painting an image of dark, backroom operations and isolated information providers. Today’s contact centers are multichannel command centers with the potential to be vibrant communications hubs that play a central role in taking an entrepreneurial approach towards success. No longer disconnected from other business functions, today’s leading contact centers are utilizing cuttingedge technology and a myriad of tools such as CRM, predictive routing, interactive voice response (IVR), self-service knowledge base, community, interaction recording and big data analytics to deliver an exceptional customer experience across multiple communications channels. Today’s connected consumers are channelagnostic and expect brands to deliver on their promises, regardless of the source – be it online, in-store, or via telephone interaction, mobile or social channels.
Brands that deliver a frictionless customer experience are rewarded with customer loyalty and a larger share-of-wallet.

Under the direction of Chairman and CEO, Marty Beard, LiveOps, a global leader in cloud contact center and customer service solutions, is at the forefront of the transformation from antiquated call center to business-driving contact center by leading the convergence of cloud, social and mobile in the contact center. “The world has changed for brands and how they interact with customers,” said Beard." Social and mobile communications have forced brands to contend with a mega-shift in consumer behavior and rise in expectations for immediate interaction via diverse channels in the cloud. For the last ten years, LiveOps has been ‘answering the call’ of modern day customer engagement by providing organizations with the necessary tools to enable fast, smart communication regardless of the channel – voice, email, chat, SMS or social.”

The demands on the contact center have evolved as customer service has quickly become a competitive differentiator for brands, and consistent delivery of customer service in a multichannel world is missioncritical. LiveOps leads through innovation and Beard has seen to the quiet disruption of how brands and customers interact by challenging old ways of doing business and refusing to accept the norm.
His philosophy has led to the introduction of LiveOps Engage, the industry’s first truly integrated multichannel desktop with social and mobile; the world’s largest WebRTC-enabled contact center; and the company’s most recent offering and industry’s only contextual routing engine – a tool that aggregates and processes events on any social, web, mobile or voice events in real time so that brands can proactively deliver exceptional customer experience.

Founded in 2001 and based in Redwood City, CA, LiveOps enables organizations to intelligently deliver multichannel customer experience, anywhere, anytime and on any channel through the company’s core products and services: LiveOps Platform; LiveOps CRM; LiveOps for Salesforce; LiveOps Engage; and LiveOps Agent Services, a community of more than 20,000 independent, at-home agents. More than 300 companies around the world, including Salesforce. com, Symantec, Royal Mail Group, Ideal Living and Amway,trust LiveOps’ technology to ensure effective multichannel, social and mobile interactions with their customers.

“I believe the contact center is the link between brands and their customers, and I have placed a heavy emphasis on multichannel communications to ensure customer service is social and mobile,” said Beard.


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Marty Beard, President & CEO

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