LiveProcess: Accelerating Team Communication and Collaboration in Healthcare

Terry Zysk, CEO
As the current healthcare system is burdened by care fragmentation and uncoordinated services, efficient communication and collaboration is a must for achieving better patient outcomes. According to Ponemon Institute, a research organization—inefficient communications (i.e. faxes, pagers) be-tween staff result in wasted workflow time, with an estimated cost of $1.75 million per U.S. hospital. “Healthcare organizations today require a multi-channel communication solution that fuels patient throughput by bridging communication gaps and coordinating care between departments,” ascertains Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess. Organizations struggling to meet healthcare reform and increasing patient demand with fewer resources use LiveProcess to collaboratively manage complex situations by empowering staff to communicate and coordinate people, activities and resources from anywhere.

Designed to leverage interoperability and mobility, LiveProcess offers a suite of four SaaS solutions—Care Coordinator, Communicator, Emergency Department (ED) Coordinator, and Emergency Manager.

Care Coordinator accelerates real-time collaboration across patient transitions from admission through discharge, such as engaging the care team in discussion to prepare a patient for discharge (e.g. education, transportation, equipment). Communicator offers instant two-way communication across multiple channels for resource requests, staff alerts, consults and codes. LiveProcess designs easy to use tools which support staff workflow, and increase efficiency, giving users more time to focus on patient care.

ED Coordinator, the latest addition, is specifically designed to enhance collaboration,mobilize teams, and manage patient-flow through the Emergency Room gateway. The mobile app empowers the Emergency Department to proactively address obstacles like staffing shortages, avert diversions and avoid service delays. “With ED Coordinator, staff receive early warnings and can rapidly respond by transitioning patients to inpatient care, to a sub-acute care facility or discharge. Their quick response reduces ‘patients leaving without being seen’ and ‘time to treatment’ measures,” explains Zysk.

Emergency Manager is a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed to aid emergency management teams to plan, monitor, track, and respond indisaster situations.
Implemented by healthcare organizations across the U.S., Emergency Manager ensures that hospitals are always prepared in case any hazard strikes. Teams use the mobile tool to instantly act on alerts and track situations in real-time.

Tillamook Regional Medical Center (TRMC), a Critical Access Hospital situated on a tsunami inundation zone on Oregon’s coast is subjected to severe weather. TRMC, which provides services to rural communities under tight budgetary constraint, uses Emergency Manager to conduct routine communication, from emergency response to after-action reporting and documentation. “Owing to the efficacy of our solution, TRMC now uses Emergency Manager for coordinating staff or calling codes for day-to-day emergencies,” remarks Zysk.

ED Coordinator, the latest addition, is specifically designed to enhance emergency department collaboration, mobilization among teams, and patient-flow management.

Plaza Medical Center, a tertiary care facility in Texas, uses LiveProcess to mobilize transplant teams. When a donor organ comes available at any time of the day or night, the transplant team needs to be reached rapidly regardless of their location. The results are striking as the hospital is able to expedite staff coordination, reducing time and cost associated with transplant coordination.

Going forward, LiveProcess will launch new capabilities to increase collaboration spanning care settings. “We will continue to address the complexities of providing care across multi-disciplinary teams and care boundaries, enabling the delivery of efficient high quality patient-centered care which generates strong patient satisfaction,” concludes Zysk.


Burlington, MA

Terry Zysk, CEO

Provides a suite of team communication and coordination solutions that fuels productivity and throughput of healthcare delivery systems.

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