LMB DigiMarketing: A Reliable Partner for Marketing Automation

Laine Belcastro, owner
The need for marketing teams to be nimble was never greater. In today’s age of black swan events and continuous change, marketers should be capable of changing direction and building new strategies in a heartbeat to target the right audience.

Marketing automation is the key. It can turn lean marketing teams into a force that empowers growing firms to compete with enterprises in the war for customer attention. A cohesive marketing strategy with the right marketing automation technology is the secret recipe for marketing and business success. This is never an easy feat for businesses. The constantly changing technologies, including Salesforce and automation tools, create uncertainties regarding the adoption of these platforms, leaving businesses in a whirlpool of archaic marketing approaches.

Our goal is to make the lives of marketers easier. We help clients attract, convert and retain highly qualified buyers automagically with tailored email marketing strategies and systems. It’s all about authentic and profitable relationships, made simple

Serving as a leading marketing automation consultant since 2015, LMB DigiMarketing can help.

LMB excels at marketing automation system integrations and email marketing strategy, helping clients integrate their marketing efforts into a single powerful platform. They can increase visibility into prospects and customer behavior, which leads to stronger relationships, revenue, brand awareness, and quality leads.

“Our goal is to make the lives of marketers easier. We always put the best foot forward to focus on the advantages these growing platforms bring to our clients’ day-to-day job,” says Laine Belcastro, owner.

The team at LMB is well-versed in providing training and guidance to educate clients on how marketing automation tools, such as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (i.e. Pardot), work with Salesforce, making their overall marketing experience more streamlined and seamless.
The company not only implements systems to integrate smoothly with Salesforce and their website but also goes the extra mile to show the benefits of that integration in terms of visibility. This is imperative for marketers to build a solid strategy and quality relationships with existing and prospective customers.

LMB’s offerings are also instrumental in helping clients navigate the complexities of privacy laws. Given the stringent nature of the email marketing space, it’s crucial for marketers to ensure proper data is in place within Salesforce and automation platforms, an area where LMB excels. LMB adopts a partnership approach with clients to provide an ideal marketing experience, by streamlining their existing systems and helping reign in their email marketing efforts. A typical client engagement begins with a marketing automation audit to assess their current marketing tools and email strategies. It also analyzes their data to determine whether they’re marketing to targeted audiences or blanket emailing to get information to the masses. The company then makes recommendations on various aspects of their marketing efforts, from optimizing their automation platforms and targeting audiences with the right messages to using the best calls to action and creating a nurture program. Through this, LMB focuses its efforts on bringing in the quality audience they are looking to build relationships with.

Illustrating LMB’s value proposition is its collaboration with a B2C company that was not using Salesforce and Pardot to its full potential. The client had many service offerings and yet, was sending emails every week to their audience without a targeted strategy in place. When LMB came on board, it started by categorizing their customers and prospects into dedicated lists to make enhancements. LMB identified the prospects showing interest in other service areas to set up cross-selling campaigns based on the audience activity in MCAE/Pardot. The company also set up targeted messaging to a smaller and more selected audience who was showing interest in other services. Upon bringing these email campaigns together, LMB brought a larger scale of awareness to the client’s existing audience. This resulted in more revenue and in-depth relationships with customers.

Success stories like these are a testament to Belcastro’s expertise in building relationships with the right audience and her technical acumen to implement systems. This is a key differentiator for LMB. The company doesn’t implement technology and then leave clients to figure out how to use it. There is always an administrative support package in place for end-users that teaches them how to operate the systems strategically.

LMB leverages its know-how to provide the best-fit solution to clients across the globe. With its core focus on clearing out the clutter, streamlining systems, and making technology feel friendly again, LMB serves as a go-to marketing partner across businesses.

LMB DigiMarketing

Atlanta, GA

Laine Belcastro, owner

LMB DigiMarketing is a leading email marketing automation consultant that specializes in marketing automation system integrations and email marketing strategy, allowing help clients to integrate their marketing efforts into one powerful platform. The company thus helps increase visibility into prospects and customer behavior that leads to stronger relationships, generating revenue, brand awareness, and quality leads.

LMB DigiMarketing