LNL Systems: Optimizing Sales Floor Communication

Mark Barnes, CEO & Founder
In the race to provide a personalized customer experience, retailers face ultimate tests—from customer retention to premium customer service and inventory management to employee productivity—during their daily retail operations. To overcome these challenges, managers are leveraging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and beacons to implement a more customer-centric sales floor strategy. LNL Systems, based Natick, MA, helps brick-and-mortar retailers with its customizable application, FlorLink bridge, to smartly manage sales floor staff and instantly assist shoppers.

“Our FlorLink bridge accepts inputs from different IoT sensors and triggers an alert or notification to in-store devices including two-way radios, tablets, digital displays, and network printers,” says Mark Barnes, Founder and CEO, LNL Systems. He explains further with an example of a grocery store where, if a freezer’s door is left open, a thermal sensor will detect the temperature drop and activate an alert through the FlorLink system. This is then transformed into a message that is sent to an onsite associate, informing the staff to take immediate actions. “We provide an exciting product and services suite that improves store associate productivity and enhances the customer experience,” adds Barnes.

LNL’s all-inclusive product suite, FlorComm, enables retailers to improve communication between in-store associates, identify understaffed zones, and deliver targeted promotions and product information to shoppers. FlorComm integrates four sales floor solutions—FlorChat, FlorCall, FlorAlert, and FlorData. Each component of the FlorComm suite addresses a particular pain point such as understaffed areas of the store, disconnected omni-channel loop, and slow response times. “We address these concerns through a variety of sales communication systems that help to power your smart sales floor,” assures Barnes.

FlorChat solution equips store associates with easy-to-deploy, two-way radios that enable staff to stay in constant intercommunication loop. It helps manager’s direct sales staff on the floor to assist customers instantly when a need arises. FlorCall includes call button implementations in the store.

We provide an exciting product and services suite that improves store associate productivity and enhances the customer experience

“Consumers can push a call-button to request assistance in fitting rooms, understaffed zones, or from pickup locations—resulting in superior customer satisfaction, improved loyalty, and increased sales,” says Barnes. With the help of the FlorLink appliance, FlorAlert connects to sensors, cameras, and call-buttons to deliver actionable notifications, directing in-store staff to help customers as well as detect shoplifting incidents. LNL’s FlorData solution encapsulates the data collected from FlorCall and FlorAlert configurations and helps retailers analyze the customer activity patterns and sales associate performance through a variety of reports and online portals.

The company also deploys its FlorComm solution in segments to resolve specific issues that clients face in managing stores. On one occasion, LNL helped one of its clients deploy two-way radios to 1,200 office supply stores across the U.S. “We needed to program and kit all of the retail communication equipment based on each store-specific requirements in a tight deadline,” states Barnes. LNL successfully deployed two-way radios at all the locations without any errors. The firm also provided detailed weekly reports to the client regarding installation status at each location. “The client was delighted with the speed and management of the entire project,” extols Barnes.

With the aim to deliver superior customer service, LNL caters to retailers in apparel, specialty, multi-department, and grocery categories. By means of collaborative planning, staged rollout, and excellent after-sale support, the firm ensures that customers see an immediate return on investment. “We enable retailers to reinvent their physical locations to be more than a purveyor of goods and become an exciting destination for shoppers,” concludes Barnes.

LNL Systems

Natick, MA

Mark Barnes, CEO & Founder

Provides comprehensive communication solutions for retailers and supermarkets to improve teamwork, and enhance productivity and customer experience

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