Load DynamiXL: Optimizing Performance of Storage Infrastructure

Philippe Vincent, President & CEO
Due to the increasingly complex nature of the modern data center and the move to IaaS, IT organizations need solutions that help them optimize the performance, availability, and cost-effectiveness of storage infrastructure. It is also important for storage technology vendors to understand how different applications and workloads affect the performance of their products. Based in Santa Clara, Load DynamiX provides workload modeling, workload analytics, and performance validation solutions for networked storage infrastructure. “We help companies reduce risk by aligning storage deployment decisions to application workload performance requirements,” says Philippe Vincent, President and CEO, Load DynamiX. “Load DynamiX enables them to create simulations of their production workloads and use it to determine the best product and the most appropriate configuration to deliver the service,” he adds.

Load DynamiX offers a web based workload modeling platform that addresses the needs of the storage engineers by giving them an easy-to-use environment that looks at the entire workflow for deep insight into production applications. “This environment allows an organization to easily configure the workflow to simulate the production environment and execute the test workflow, which could include hundreds of different simulations to find optimal configurations. It then aggregates all the data, the reports and provides that in a simple format, so that they can make intelligent decisions,” states Vincent.

Being a Technology Connect partner of EMC, Load DynamiX’s storage workload modeling software and load generation appliances help enterprise storage architects to right-size their EMC storage infrastructure and align it with actual application performance requirements, ensuring that the proposed configurations can handle the projected workload. The company provides performance validation appliances and storage workload modeling expertise for conducting Proof of Concepts that allow EMC to show the customer a comprehensive evaluation of their current application workloads and how performance can be optimized with EMC systems. “By integrating Load DynamiX storage performance validation processes with EMC storage solutions, end-user organizations can more efficiently acquire and deploy new storage infrastructure based on actual performance requirements,” says Len Rosenthal, Vice President, Marketing, Load DynamiX.

We help companies reduce risk and save millions of dollars by aligning storage deployment decisions to application workload performance requirements

The company’s load generation appliances work with all EMC SAN and NAS products and are also deployed inside the EMC QA and performance engineering teams to optimize the performance of their products under heavy load conditions.

Load DynamiX stands out for its innovation and adaption of new technologies in their product portfolio. “We differentiate ourselves by the realism and scale of the simulation that we provide to storage engineers and architects. Our comprehensive automated testing and reporting environment provides enormous amount of productivity to our clients,” claims Vincent.

The company has an extensive client list including industry leaders such as Cox Communications, Wells Fargo, GE, and Nationwide and helps them determine the most appropriate storage technology architecture that will support their constantly changing production workloads. For instance, a leading business outsourcing solution company was having performance issues with their arrays while running NFS workloads. Load DynamiX storage performance validation hardware, software, and professional services were introduced via a services engagement. The Load DynamiX appliances validated the products and configurations that best supported various customer workloads, and fully mitigated the risks of deploying new solutions into the production data center.

Moving forward, Load DynamiX plans to expand its geographical footprint in Asia and Europe. “We plan to launch a new generation of products in the future and provide greater levels of intelligence to help both the storage operations and engineering teams,” concludes Vincent.

Load DynamiXL

Santa Clara, CA

Philippe Vincent, President & CEO and Len Rosenthal, VP, Marketing

Provides workload modeling, workload analytics, and performance validation solutions for networked storage infrastructure.