LoadSpring: Boosting Project Management Efficiency

Eric Leighton, CEO
Project Management in the digital age is complex and challenging. From internal coordination to external collaboration, every aspect needs to be perfectly organized and scheduled. Not to mention the hundreds of different applications used by project management teams that make seamless coordination a mind-spinning task.

That’s where LoadSpring comes in taking the complexities of project management software and making them manageable and feasible. “It’s the commitment to simplifying complex IT systems that has made the company so effective,” expresses CEO, Eric Leighton.

LoadSpring started in 1999 focused on providing easy access to complex project management software and augmenting the IT organization. In 2000, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer needed to give business partners access to contract management systems while maintaining a high level of security. LoadSpring took on this complex job and created a cloud system that made their process more efficient for both Pfizer and their business partners.

Fundamentally, LoadSpring still offers the same services as in 2000: “We have been providing seamless access to complex database applications right from the beginning,” emphasizes Leighton. “We were originally, called an “ASP” or “hosting provider,” but now we are commonly referred to as a “cloud provider.”

While their services have remained essentially the same since the company was founded, the challenges that LoadSpring addresses have changed. Today, the challenge that the company addresses is the complexity of cloud systems. Every software provider across the globe wants a customized cloud solution, so bringing it all together in a simple platform is now LoadSpring’s competitive advantage.

“Think of it this way: if you place all of a business’ applications into the cloud, you’ll end up with as many as 50 different solutions for one company. That simply won’t work,” says Leighton. Hence, the primary goal of LoadSpring is to integrate multiple tools, such as Scheduling, Estimating, BIM, Geospatial, and internal systems, into a single cloud platform.

A critical benefit for customers is the data consolidation across their applications, so that users and Executive Management have a single location to review project status.

Right from the beginning, we have been providing seamless access to complex database applications

This solution is automatically configured within LoadSpringInsight, which is built into the LoadSpring Platform.

Easy access to applications is a key component and an unwavering principle of LoadSpring’s business. How these apps are accessed has changed and will continue to change, but LoadSpring is dedicated to making access simple and straightforward for the user, no matter what their skill level or experience.

Another key benefit of LoadSpring’s platform is the support capability, enabling users to submit support cases for their hosted applications, integrations, and infrastructure. This helps synchronize support across all applications while making the system easier to maintain and increasing user productivity. Another critical aspect that LoadSpring focuses on is security.

LoadSpring essentially wraps all hosted applications securely and becomes the front line of defense providing clients with the customized amount of security they need in order to keep their global project data safe.

LoadSpring also offers a unified identity management integration system: “When a user logs into their domain or system, the credentials are passed directly to LoadSpring. Having a single identity management system is critical to the long-term security of a company and that is our major selling point,” states Leighton.

LoadSpring’s dedication to creating highly customized cloud solutions has made them the market leaders in the field of cloud Project Management. Over 300 customers with a total of 100,000 project management users benefit from the LoadSpring Platform to manage their projects efficiently and maximize ROI.

Perhaps most telling, 95 percent of LoadSpring’s customers renew their services, which clearly demonstrates the company’s leading edge in their field.


Wilmington, MA

Eric Leighton, CEO

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