LocationSmart: Equipping Contact Centers with Automated Caller Location

Mario Proietti, Founder and CEO
Contact centers are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of customer relationship management and experience optimization. Providing consistent satisfactory customer experience irrespective of the utilized method of contact is a strenuous task for CIOs, especially in an environment where migration and mobility are prevalent. It is also challenging for organizations to improve agents’ productivity while reducing the cost per call for achieving first call resolution. LocationSmart—a cloud-based location services provider serves the contact center space with the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for local, hyper-local and context-aware application development. “As answers for these critical situations, we offer agents location context to provide customers with more tailored and personalized service,” says Mario Proietti, Founder and CEO of LocationSmart. The company reduces the need for additional contacts or callbacks and enables contact centers to deliver effective follow-up with additional details via SMS, email or in-app messaging. “We assist organizations to efficiently route and prioritize mobile, landline, online, or SMS engagements based on the geographic location of their customers,” adds Proietti.

LocationSmart delivers ubiquitous services enabling location across all forms of contact to streamline mobile engagements and help automate contact center processes for self-service. “We have built our platform on cloud technology for easy accessibility by enterprises that are secure, scalable and robust,” says Proietti. In addition to enabling real-time contextual interactions, the company’s data adds powerful geospatial intelligence to the organization’s analytics. This serves the ultimate goal of customers to understand call patterns, leading to predictive experiences in the future.

Being entirely cloud-based, LocationSmart’s solutions are available for customers through web service APIs to access location and communication capabilities through a single integration. These solutions boost organizations’ capabilities to leverage new services without necessitating any reintegration or upgrades of existing package solutions.

The company’s solutions showcase a rich portfolio of unique features like geofencing, device details and geospatial content to simplify contact center integration.
The solution provides location ranging from precise assisted GPS for service assistance, to cell tower location for call routing and IP insights for web localization and analytics. LocationSmart enables organizations to identify the geographic location of customers for efficient engagements, fewer follow-ups and reduced call times. LocationSmart’s services deliver location and real-time communications for enhanced call, text or app-based engagements, without the need for a specific application on mobile devices.

LocationSmart improves the metrics of key performance indicators like calls per day and number of calls handled by agents. For instance, LocationSmart’s customers in the service assistance category were facing the challenge of providing real-time knowledge of caller location for the agent and dispatch. LocationSmart automated the process of entering ZIP codes and obtaining location, facilitating geographic call routing, priority call queuing, service assistance, and dispatch. As a result, customers gained streamlined operations and consistency across all modes of engagement.

We locate mobile, landline, online or SMS devices enabling organizations to intelligently route and contextually engage with their callers

The firm obtains the location of mobile callers through its direct trusted partner relationships with the wireless carriers. “Our customers are confident that user privacy is well managed while we implement services in their organizations,” says Proietti.

“Our focus started principally with network location in North America, and has grown to a full spectrum global location and engagement platform with SMS, IP geolocation, Wi-Fi, Compliance, and more,” says Proietti. LocationSmart is looking forward to working with operators across the globe to develop the ability to locate mobile devices solely through network capabilities. The company also aims to offer caller identity verification capabilities through Telco-provided information for businesses to be more efficient in their most sensitive engagements.


Carlsbad, CA

Mario Proietti, Founder and CEO

Provider of cloud-based location services with the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for location and messaging.