Lochbridge: Delivering ROI through IoT

Jim Byrnes, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) era promises much innovation and growth. Gartner analysts predict the networked world will deliver 25 billion connected devices which will generate about $1.9 trillion in global market value by 2020. Sitting in this sweet spot, Detroit-based Lochbridge is enabling their clients to tap into IoT opportunities through connected strategies, solutions and analytics.

Lochbridge has helped fuel the advancement of IoT, connecting appliances, wearables, healthcare devices, phones, vehicles, and everything in between. The company has enabled over one billion IoT interactions on behalf of its clients. But more importantly, turned these connections into differentiated product experiences, new connected business models and real-time insights that have translated into over $1.5 billion annually in new revenues for Lochbridge’s clients. The company is working with clients across industries— automotive, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and public sector—to map IoT solutions that deliver to their specific business needs.

“By harnessing the power of IoT data, we’re opening up new markets and enabling new services for our clients,” said Lochbridge CEO Jim Byrnes, “To evolve and compete in our connected world, enterprises are embracing IoT to build competitive advantages.”

Organizations eager to jump into IoT innovation are urged to take a step back to evaluate their environment, objectives and customer experiences. With deep experience as IoT consultants and technologists, Lochbridge helps clients build a business-centric foundation for their IoT initiatives, well before installing sensors, implementing infrastructure, or working from the cloud and analyzing data.

Lochbridge applies a “Design Thinking” approach to IoT strategy. Through a creative, hands-on engage-ment with clients, ideas are harvested across functions to address each client’s business objectives. Together, they imagine a future of what customers want and which technologies will deliver results. Once strategies are in place, IoT implementation comes next. In the automotive industry, Lochbridge has enabled over 25 million connected vehicles by building in-vehicle innovation, linking digital portals to the car and gaining analytic insight for predictive diagnostics and service delivery.
With forecasts of 250 million connected vehicles on the road by 2020, there’s plenty more work to be done. Lochbridge has not only enabled connections to vehicles, but turned these interactions into differentiated customer experiences and improved product quality through analytics. For example, Lochbridge created a new smart grid solution to manage electric vehicles to optimize energy consumption across the country. Through this IoT solution, cars could talk to automakers and utility companies, allowing energy usage to be better balanced and providing consumers the choice of renewable energy sources to power their vehicles.

By leveraging connections and intelligence, organizations can have unprecedented opportunities to disrupt markets, create new revenue streams, and deliver better experiences

With interconnectivity increasing exponentially, security has never been more important. Connected devices are expected to contribute to the Big Data growth which is expected to reach 40 zettabytes by 2020. Creating uncompromised connections will be a requirement as the number of connected objects, sensors, devices and appliances exponentially increases.

When an international appliance brand needed to protecta new line of smart products, it called on Lochbridge to help build a fail-proof security strategy. With an understanding of the potential exposure points within an IoT platform, Lochbridge’s security services team was uniquely positioned to evaluate the environment and provided recommendations to securely close gaps. Lochbridge’s assessment has provided the peace of mind needed ahead of a major launch of a new smart appliance portfolio.

As the world becomes more and more connected daily, enterprises across industries will increasingly seek differentiation and proprietary insights ahead of the competition. While off-the-shelf solutions exist, many will look to partners, such as Lochbridge, to build sustainable IoT technologies, and more importantly, gain a return on investment from IoT innovations.


Detroit, MI

Jim Byrnes, CEO

Lochbridge defines connected strategies, implements IoT solutions and delivers real-time connected insights.