Logic1 Consulting Services: Enabling SAP Compliance Enhancements for Desirable Profits

Anil Kakad, Managing Partner
The emergence of new rules/ regulations across domestic and international borders continue to change rapidly. Irrespective of an organization’s size, every aspect of it is influenced constantly by regulations. Companies are required to respond promptly to ensure reduced time to market, leading to lower costs and higher profitability.

Coming to the aid of organizations for tackling compliance requirements is Phoenix, AZ based Logic1 Consulting Services. The firm leverages extensive experience of its consultants in the SAP PLM EH&S space to provide complex solutions.

The SAP PLM EH&S module addresses many critical regulatory requirements that are faced by U.S. and global companies. Logic1CS has diverse expertise in this highly specialized area.

Logic1CS also specializes in implementing a complex but versatile product, SAP Recipe Development (RD). It offers functionality that helps process industries to manage complex formulations involved in manufacturing versatile products .Logic1CS has many years of experience in the successful delivery of RD based projects.

“Every client of Logic1CS receives continuous post go-live support to ensure the required performance of the new system,” says Anil Kakad, Managing Partner at Logic1CS.

Logic1CS use of time tested SAP ASAP methodology ensures project success through following the Blueprint, Realization, Final testing and Go-live phases. The Blueprint Phase enables Logic1 consultants and clients fully understand the requirements of the project at the inception stage. Logic1CS is unique in implementing ‘rapid prototyping’ at the Blueprint phase to enable rapid knowledge transfer to its clients as early in the project cycle as possible.

During the Realization Phase, actual implementation of client requirements takes place based on functionality identified in the Blueprint phase. In Final testing and Go-live Phases, extensive testing is carried out to ensure the success of the overall project go-live.

Logic1CS has recently helped a global company with operations in more than 100 Countries, implement the full SAP suite, including SAP PLM EH&S and RD.
Prior to SAP, the company had many non-standardized and disjointed legacy systems/processes.

Logic1CS effectively addressed major concerns by enabling the company to utilize SAP for most of its processes thereby reducing the maintenance cost of multiple platforms. Also, a unique system was developed enabling product developers to easily find/implement formulations of products that were otherwise stored in segregated systems. Another feature facilitated by Logic1CS is the use of a single database across the world, which along with standardized processes enables the company to significantly improve time to market for new products.

The PLM arena is exceptionally competitive; however, Logic1CS manages to stay ahead of the market through selfdeveloped productivity tools it offers to its clients without additional costs. These proprietary tools enable rapid implementation of projects without compromising on quality or project time lines.

We have developed highly sophisticated tools and services for implementing regulatory compliance solutions in the shortest possible time

In the near future, Logic1CS is planning to concentrate on becoming an even bigger global player. With this aim, the fi rm has already forged an implementation partnership with one of the ‘Big-4’ companies and is in the process of becoming a formal SAP Partner.

By leveraging partnerships with the large leading companies, Logic1CS is planning joint global webinars to showcase its highly specialized expertise in the SAP EH&S and RD space.

“We are planning to conduct regular Webinars for key clients to showcase our expertise and experience in meeting the challenges of constantly evolving product lifecycle offerings from SAP,” adds Anil.

Logic1 Consulting Services

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Anil Kakad, Managing Partner and Hector Velazco, Managing Partner

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