LogicCloud IT: Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Management

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Christopher Angell, President
Every organization has numerous routers and switches, servers, portals, operating systems, and other necessary elements that together constitute the central core of a business network: the IT infrastructure. And managing a business’s IT infrastructure is anything but easy. Business leaders are under constant pressure to maximize scale, reliability, and flexibility to stay apace with customer demands. There is also a perpetual need to evaluate an organization’s infrastructure for vulnerabilities and assess defense strategies. In light of this, emerging as a ‘silver lining’ to help tackle the various challenges around enhanced security, satisfactory customer services, and efficient pricing is LogicCloud IT, a new-age information technology and services startup, based in Tempe, AZ. The company provides comprehensive managed IT services and support with a focus on small and midsize business (SMB) markets. “We have the right people and tools to provide the right assessment, design, implementation, support, monitoring, and management solutions for a business’s needs,” says Christopher Angell, president of LogicCloud IT. Established in the first quarter of 2018, LogicCloud IT is already disrupting the IT industry with its unique pricing strategies and innovative solutions.

Whether it is with a full cloud, traditional on-premise, or hybrid approach, LogicCloud IT takes a business-first approach to technology and ensures that the company’s solutions meet customers’ needs. “We are very flexible in what we do, we can either go in and fully manage a business’s IT infrastructure or work with an organization’s existing team and help them in handling their IT,” adds Angell. In addition, the company also offers a wide range of other solutions and services that include Microsoft 365 and Azure migration, consulting, and support; business VoIP and cloud-hosted PBX; backup and disaster recovery; network and information security; and WiFi marketing. “We are here to help our customers with as much or as little, depending on what they need us for,” asserts Angell. “Whether it is to outsource all of their IT needs to a trusted and certified IT provider or guide their current team, we have the right strategy and the necessary toolsets.”

We have the right people and tools to provide the right assessment, design, implementation, support, monitoring, and management solutions for a business’s needs

A core value ingrained in LogicCloud IT’s vision of helping organizations attain the best network possible for running their business is the company’s 1-1-1 philanthropic model, an initiative taken to give back at least 1 percent each of their time, product, and profit to revamp local communities. This combined with the company’s approach to providing its offerings at a cost that converts the CAPEX into OPEX is what makes the LogicCloud IT unparallel. In addition, with a vast certified knowledge base and deep-rooted industry experience, the organization is able to work efficiently and effectively with customers of varying sizes and across diverse industries. “We focus on forming trusted and lasting relationships with our clients,” informs Angell. In an instance, one such client approached LogicCloud IT in pursuit of managing the issues they were experiencing with their technology and its operation. In response, LogicCloud IT put together a plan to upgrade all of the client’s systems and technologies, in addition to using LogicCloud IT’s technology-as-a-service solutions to help the customer cut down the cost of replacing hardware.

Charting out LogicCloud IT’s future plans, Angell reveals that the company will continue to develop new solutions and services in sync with the latest technology and growing trends of the industry. “It is what allowed us to establish a niche for ourselves in the market and be successful,” affirms Angell. “We believe in closing the technology gap for SMBs, non-profits, and local communities and will do so through our best-of-breed offerings.”

LogicCloud IT

Tempe, AZ

Christopher Angell, President

The company provides several different packages, their Managed IT Services packages are designed to help you manage your IT as well as your costs; while only paying for what is important to your SMB's needs.Infrastructure Services. Their team of experts provide a full range of assessment, design, implementation, and support services for small and midsize business IT Infrastructure. The company even are providers of 4G LTE backup internet service to ensure that infrastructure is always online. And they provide several other services