LogicManager: Maximizing Business Value Using a Risk-based Approach

Steven Minsky, CEO
Technological disruptions have led to the constant evolution of enterprises. However, with the changes and volatility of market conditions, companies are becoming vulnerable to threats that lurk in the business environment. And hence to need to be prepared with risk management strategies keeping in mind the budgetary constraints. Furthermore, existing legacy software systems are not only inefficient but pose a major challenge in execution of risk management strategies. Steven Minsky, CEO, LogicManager recognized this void and created an affordable solution for enterprise risk management (ERM) which enables corporations to make more informed decisions without any complexities. “Risk- based approach is the safest bet for companies with limited resources at disposal,” says Minsky. LogicManager provides exactly the same to our customers. The company’s diverse set of analytical tools help organizations to be forward-looking and prioritize the resources that could impact their goals, resulting in improved business performance and resiliency.

With LogicManager, all of your risk, goal, and compliance assessment information is in one place and linked together

“At LogicManager, we are deeply committed to helping our clients maximize the business value of their organizations’ risk intelligence,” adds Minsky. LogicManager’s ERM software helps simply organizations’ risk management processes by simultaneously managing the connections between threats, activities, and the goals they impact. “Additionally, we focus on risk, governance and we believe that risk is the common link between every single function in the company,” says Minsky. The entire ERM process is supported using LogicManager’s flexible ERM taxonomy. The solution enables organizations to benefit from seeing all of their risks and control in a centralized location. Additionally, the solution links these controls to the strategic goals set by the company’s board. “Our ERM software creates risk taxonomy, or a framework to connect information across the unique business levels and silos of an organization, so that the information is actionable, accessible, and reportable,” adds Minsky.
LogicManager’s ERM software makes it easy to manage risks through an organization’s critical processes by identifying, mitigating, and monitoring the risk portfolio. The software reduces costs and increases direct connections to performance management, through the adoption of standards, reuse of information, and by supporting a collaborative process. In addition, the software is complemented with the capability to automatically identify redundant or overlapping activities. “With LogicManager, all risk, target and compliance assessment information is in one place and linked together,” beams Minsky.

The flexibility and easy-to-use interface of its solution keeps LogicManager ahead of market competition. “There are no complex licensing schemes or significant upfront investment with our software and hence we are our customers’ favorite,” states Minsky. “Every LogicManager customer is assigned a dedicated Business Analyst, not just for implementation, but for the lifetime of their subscription.

Since its inception, LogicManager has gathered many names of organizations operating in the in the financial, energy and utility, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing sectors in its customer base. In one instance, a large energy and gas company, facing an audit of new regulatory requirements, was in need of a solution that could aggregate compliance feedback from multiple business units into a centralized legal repository. Using LogicManager’s taxonomy and personal mentoring team, the client implemented a common framework across their operations and built a library of compliance concerns in less than 90 days. “What had been a compliance initiative was delivered as a simple exercise in by our ERM software,” explains Minsky.

The success stories of LogicManager stands as a testament to the functionality of it solutions in aiding businesses adapt to changing environments. “The road ahead for LogicManager is to increase its global footprint and create a content platform where it could provide intelligent information to its client across the globe via plugins. We are certain about achieving these pursuits,” concludes Minsky.


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Steven Minsky, CEO

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