LogicMonitor: Bringing Visibility in Performance Monitoring within Minutes

CIO VendorSteve Francis, Founder & Chief Product Officer
After years of being fed up with legacy monitoring solutions, Steve Francis, a data center and network architect, founded LogicMonitor, the automated IT infrastructure monitoring platform. Steve’s idea was to have one SaaS-based platform to easily monitor all IT infrastructure. “Your business is mission critical and your engineers and IT Operations employees should be managing strategic operations related to your core competency. They shouldn’t be spending all their time on monitoring,” remarks Steve Francis, Founder and Chief Product Officer, LogicMonitor. The company provides the best-of-breed monitoring solution that customers use to automatically monitor the performance of their entire infrastructure.

With years of experience with NetApp products, engineers at LogicMonitor understand the issues that IT Operations professionals face. When a client adds a NetApp storage array to LogicMonitor, they automatically begin collecting data via NetApp’s API. Whether it is volume latency, CPU cycles or other performance metrics, LogicMonitor can map these to manufacturer suggested best practices and set up monitoring within minutes. LogicMonitor also scans the network for new devices and automatically adds them into monitoring, so no device goes unmonitored or unmanaged. When there is an issue on a NetApp Storage Array, such as a nearly full storage volume or spike in CPU load, LogicMonitor instantaneously alerts the correct IT professional equipped to handle that problem. While companies in the past relied on multiple on-premise monitoring solutions, many today see the importance of using a single hosted monitoring platform for their entire team. “IT Operation teams don’t want to manage multiple monitoring solutions. They come to LogicMonitor because with a single cloud-based monitoring solution they can easily access mission critical metrics from across their infrastructure and don’t have to worry about managing the monitoring system. This allows them to resolve issues faster, and when issues do arise it reduces the finger pointing,” reveals Francis.

When Steve founded the company, he observed a gap in other monitoring solutions.
They prevented access to data under a single pane of glass, making it very difficult to pinpoint bottlenecks and other issues in his infrastructure. Today LogicMonitor automatically provides performance metrics from NetApp gear as well as other infrastructure regardless of its location (including all on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments) in one place. “Not many companies can monitor every device in a client’s data center,” informs Francis. Most companies have multiple solutions to monitor their cloud infrastructure and various hardware in their data centers. LogicMonitor consolidates these solutions so that everyone is speaking the same monitoring language.

LogicMonitor provides best-of-breed monitoring solutions for the health and performance of on premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructure in a matter of minutes

For Estalea, a company specializing in online advertising, LogicMonitor provided visibility into storage performance and replication, giving the organization a significant improvement in the confidence of their fault tolerance, and enabling better hardware budgeting. The client uses NetApp as their database storage system, and because they dynamically create snapshots based on triggers and transactions, and replicates them on an irregular basis, it was difficult to monitor. With LogicMonitor, Estalea automatically tracks all the volumes and snapshot replication, even if they are programmatically created. “We automatically track the metrics, and bring significant improvement in detecting any replication issues on Estalea’s mission critical aggregates, which help the business, run more efficiently,” states Francis.

LogicMonitor plans to expand by opening a data center in Europe next year. “The company will also be introducing forecasting and further real time data analysis,” ends Francis.


Santa Barbara, CA

Steve Francis, Founder & Chief Product Officer

Provides automated IT performance monitoring platform that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively monitor their entire IT infrastructure stack.