LogiGear: Automated Platform Streamlines Software Testing

Hung Q. Nguyen, CEO, President & Founder
Lean development practices, Agile and Continuous Delivery methods, are leading development organizations to incorporate robust ALM (application lifecycle management) platforms and cloud-based ecosystems that enable dev and test environments to be spun up quickly on a large scale. And as much testing as possible has to be automated.

“It is imperative for organizations to incorporate modern software testing technologies to realize the full benefits of Agile and Continuous Delivery methods,” says Hung Q. Nguyen, CEO, President, and Founder, LogiGear. “Unfortunately, we have found that heads of testing organizations have tried a number of technologies and are still frustrated by the relatively low rate of automation coverage.”

To get testing to the level needed, LogiGear provides an efficient test automation platform, TestArchitect™ and professional services that make it possible to competently and comprehensively test the software and application business process.

“We address automated testing problems by embedding Action Based Testing (ABT), a test design method, in our automated testing tool to enhance software testing throughput,” says Nguyen.

Since its inception in 1994, the Foster City, CA-based company has delivered products and services for enterprise software, web/cloud mobile and code-level testing. While the company has long been known as an outsourcing service provider, the company also has its own commercial test automation tool, the previously mentioned TechArchitect—a module-based test automation acceleration platform for team-based production—that provides organizations with an integrated test automation environment ideally suited for large-scale test automation.

TechArchitect lets testers write tests in plain text, business-readable, domain-specific language using actions that have the coding pre-programmed. This simplifies test creation and enables even non-technical testers to create complex tests with minimal coding support. By simplifying test creation, the time to complete test cycles can be reduced without sacrificing on quality which allows organizations to release their products into the market sooner.
The TechArchitect platform allows domain experts and programmers to quickly develop a large volume of scalable and maintainable tests for mobile, browser and desktop applications. In addition to automation technology, LogiGear provides assistance with automation, from creating the initial tests, to getting automation going quickly, to automating tests that in-house domain experts create, all to help organizations achieve a high level of automation. “With the expertise we provide, companies can outsource their automation and perform more software testing activities without incurring higher costs,” explains Nguyen.

LogiGear provides products and servers to well-known companies across a broad range of industries. Landmark Graphics, a division of Halliburton that provides software for the oil and gas industry, turned to LogiGear to help with test automation. Leveraging LogiGear’s automated testing platform and test engineers with Halliburton’s in-house domain expertise, they were able to significantly reduce regression testing time while increasing test coverage. Ultimately, this enabled them to considerably reduce known issues at product release by 97 percent.

While LogiGear has its own automation technology, they are also experts in automating with all the common third-party and open-source automation tools. One of the company’s stated keys to success is to focus on the specific needs of customers and develop the best testing solution for their needs.

We address automated testing problems by embedding Action Based Testing (ABT), a test design method, in our automated testing tool to enhance software testing throughput

LogiGear has a solid reputation and impressive track record in the QA and testing space, and the company has set its vision on becoming the world’s largest private, pure-play software testing company.


Foster City, CA

Hung Q. Nguyen, CEO, President & Founder

A provider of software testing and automation tools to competently examine software along with manifold developmental services