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CIO VendorRaghu Tandra, Managing Partner & CTO, Shirish Karnik, Managing Partner & VP-Business Development
The global business environment constantly demands for innovation. Business intelligence solutions, Predictive Analytics, Data management tools, and various other software have contributed to the foundation of a prolific landscape, which carries the potential to completely alter the mechanism of doing business. These solutions or SAS suite, to delineate in short, can enable any company to see above horizon with their data analysis capability. But the challenge that stands between these tools and firms is to find an adequate SAS provider, who understands the concept of these solutions, their implementation methods, and above all who speaks the dynamics of data as its first language.

This is where Logistic Solutions Inc (LSI) comes to picture. Founded in 1993, LSI is an established IT solutions and services provider that leverages its deep business technology expertise in proffering innovative business aligned solutions and domain rich execution capability. The forte of the company is its proficiency in managing and reshaping the data from its initial amorphous format into a more comprehensible and competent solution. “80 percent of the data we obtain is 'unstructured', therefore it must be refurbished in a way that makes it suitable for data mining and subsequent analysis, and SAS data management solutions is the key to doing it accurately,” exclaims Raghu Tandra, Managing Partner and CTO, Logistic Solutions Inc. LSI is counted as an independent business analytics company and is also an SAS Alliance Partner, all of which authenticates the level of focus and prowess the company has presented.

LSI through its complete SAS VA solution is able to eradicate major challenges in the path of their clients. The array of solutions includes SAS Visual Analytics and implementation, SAS Solutions Architecture, Complex multi-tiered Enterprise Installation, Performance enhancement, and Reporting and Development.
The company also confers niche SAS resource on contract as well. SAS virtual investigation comes in distinctive flavors which influences engineering Hadoop that can be run over numerous different stages to spread information crosswise over various servers. LSI proof of concept facility to customers enables them to experience the power of SAS VA and simplicity in deployment and user friendly capability.

Recently, one of LSI’s clients from the utility industry wanted to deploy analytical capabilities in their organization to increase their overall development from an optimization standpoint. LSI assisted the company to get a snapshot of their history, current operational data, giving them a complete idea of what is happening in their operational side, resulting in cost cutting, and correlating with demand forecasting and help them manage and operate better.

LSI has manufactured business aligned arrangements to deliver administrations a strong and productive venture

Being 20 years in business with over 750 strong professionals and a diverse customer portfolio including fortune 500 companies, LSI has evolved business-driven arrangements to deliver administrations a strong and productive venture. “Our key differentiators are - our kin strengthening, rich legacy of building fruitful business relationships, innovation advancement and uprightness and technology competency,” says Shirish Karnik, Managing partner and Vice- President, Logistic Solutions. For the road ahead LSI wants to be recognized by its customers as an exceptional organization for providing comprehensive business arrangements. “If you want to sprint we will give you the best track shoes and if you want to take care of an existing challenge then we help you correct that problem,” concludes Karnik.

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Raghu Tandra, Managing Partner & CTO, Shirish Karnik, Managing Partner & VP-Business Development

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