Logitech: Easy and Affordable Group Video Conference Solutions

According to Wainhouse Research, there are currently about 20 million small meeting rooms worldwide and fewer than a million of them are equipped with video technology. This represents a massive loss of productive potential that’s hard to overstate,” says Jason Moss, General Manager, Collaboration Group, Logitech. The answer to this challenge lies with Logitech—a global provider of personal computer and tablet accessories. The company’s innovative video conferencing solutions enable businesses to empower their employees to quickly connect with vendors and remote workers, anytime and anywhere for about the cost of an office chair.

“Another way to look at it is—for the cost of a single month of travel for a sales team—businesses can connect 100 rooms, and those connected rooms will continue to yield benefits not just for a month, but for many years to come,” continues Moss. With a mission to deliver high-quality experiences—unmatched by competitive alternatives in the same price category, Logitech connects the unconnected with three ConferenceCam models that address user needs for portability, simplicity and low cost. The latest addition to Logitech’s ConferenceCam portfolio—ConferenceCam Connect—is a portable, all-in-one videoconferencing solution with HD 1080p video, professional audio and multi-device connectivity for small group collaboration.

The product works with any computing device with a USB connection, with virtually any videoconferencing software, and can be moved from one room to the other or taken on the road. ConferenceCam runs on battery or AC power, enabling the flex¬ibility to work anywhere. On a full charge, users can run a video conference for up to 15 hours. Windows and An¬droid users can also connect wirelessly to Con¬ferenceCam Connect to screen-mirror presenta¬tions, spreadsheets, videos or internet connect using Miracast technology to a TV screen through HDMI connection. “We believe that portable, all-in-one videoconference functionality is a compel¬ling offering for video-hungry mobile collabora¬tors—and an ideal solution for the trend towards smaller huddle-rooms and more frequent ad-hoc meetings,” continued Moss.

Apart from videoconferencing, Logitech also enhances its collaboration experience by enabling users to easily manage audio and video calls through intuitive controls on ConferenceCam,
and video calls through intuitive controls on ConferenceCam,headsets and speakerphones, as well as through webcam software. In addition, the company also has some advanced product features for Lync and Skype for Business deployments. For instance, ConferenceCam Connect and ConferenceCam CC3000e users have access to far-end camera control for peer-to-peer calls in Lync, and Skype for Business. This capability enables users in one location to operate the camera pan, tilt, and zoom functions of a Logitech CC3000e, Logitech BCC950, Webcam c930e or ConferenceCam Connect on the other end of the call, providing unprecedented visual flexibility during video conference meetings.

Each Logitech ConferenceCam is optimized for specific use cases. For example, the company’s flagship product ConferenceCam CC3000e delivers professional HD video and an enterprise-grade speakerphone to workgroups of 6-10 people and easily turns any mid-sized conference room into a video collaboration room. On the other end of the spectrum, the BCC950 is an affordable ConferenceCam optimized for private offices, huddle rooms and home offices. This all-in-one videoconferencing solution brings professional HD video and an enterprise-grade speakerphone to small group collaboration for under $250.

Logitech ConferenceCam empowers employees to quickly connect with vendors and remote workers, anytime and anywhere for about the cost of an office chair

What’s next for Logitech? “We will continue to focus on improving the way workgroups and teams are able to collaborate. We’ll also persist on building upon our relationship with Microsoft to innovate and deliver unique value to Lync and Skype for Business customers, opening new possibilities and eliminating old boundaries,” concludes Moss.


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