Logixboard: A Modern Solution to Transform Freight Forwarders’ Customer Experience

Julian Alvarez, Co-Founder and CEO
Customer experience is undoubtedly the cornerstone of every successful business. The trillion-dollar freight forwarding industry is no exception. The complex, fragmented industry is marked by a relay of exchanging goods between a variety of disconnected logistics vendors. Even in today’s digital landscape, businesses rely on antiquated systems to manage operational data and most operations are manual. But, since the advent of digitally native companies like Amazon, consumers have started seeking a similar digital experience in commercial freight as well. They are no longer satisfied with traditional freight forwarding processes that have long delivery timelines but instead desire visibility and insight at each step.

Fueled by this trend, many freight forwarding companies are scrambling to transform their customer experience and revamp their legacy systems to meet the needs of the digitally-empowered customer base. Visibility platforms play a critical role here, enabling increased customer satisfaction and retention, and allowing for greater efficiency while giving an edge over the competition. Robust analytics, visibility, and reporting can enable customers to better manage their supply chain, especially important now as the global supply chain faces congestion and capacity issues. However, more often than not, visibility platforms are difficult and massively expensive for freight forwarders to build and maintain. Filling this gap in the freight forwarding sector is a Seattle-based technology company Logixboard. They specialize in delivering a solution that simplifies an enterprise’s road to digitization and equips them to deliver excellent customer experiences. What truly differentiates Logixboard from others is its seamless integration and user experience. “There’s a race to meet customers’ digital demands and stay ahead of competitors. That’s why we have focused on creating a world-class digital experience that logistics providers can quickly bring to market,” affirms Julian Alvarez, co-founder and CEO, Logixboard.

Delving deeper into the layers of digital transformation, Alvarez highlights the significance of change management. Beyond just delivering a software solution to clients, Logixboard puts clients at the forefront and strives to create strong partnerships. Taking into consideration that merely technology cannot drive clients to success, the team offers continuous support through training and guides them through the process of change management. “We are experiencing rapid technological change in the industry, but for us people always come first.

We are experiencing rapid technological change in the industry, but for us people always come first. In the end, this change is about people using technology to empower other people

In the end, this change is about people using technology to empower other people,” states Alvarez. The expert team at Logixboard works closely with clients to understand the pain points and comes up with ways to resolve them. “Our team of experts is dedicated to helping clients build a loyal customer base that repeats orders and stays with them for a long time,” he adds.

To illustrate their capabilities better, Alvarez discusses how they helped a leading California-based freight forwarder, Air and Ground World Transport (AGWorld). Prior to partnering with Logixboard, the client struggled to meet customer expectations and lost a longtime customer to a digital-first freight forwarder. Nevertheless, it took AGWorld just four months to win the account back. How? After just three weeks of working with Logixboard, AGWorld brought to market Logixboard’s cutting-edge, white-labeled visibility solution and it not only enhanced business and customer loyalty but also boosted sales. “We continuously hear about how some of our customers, within a couple of months of implementing Logixboard, are winning new revenue and retaining their biggest accounts. They’re able to compete with bigger technology first forwarders, and shift from selling to small shippers to medium-sized shippers and, in turn, significantly increase their revenue,” says Alvarez.

Such proven success stories have made Logixboard a real catalyst for change in the freight forwarding space. Backed by more than $19 million in funding from leading venture capital groups, and with a strong vision to become the de facto visibility platform and workflow application for freight forwarders, the team will continue to invest in integrating with other supply chain management systems. Along with that, Logixboard is working toward providing more data and insights into the entire shipment lifecycle to help forwarders and their customers create a more cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable, and agile supply chain.


Seattle, Was

Julian Alvarez, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides a one-stop customer engagement SaaS platform that enables freight forwarders to create a customized digital experience for their customers and a transparent environment that mirrors major shipment tracking platforms. The platform integrates with existing back-office applications and serves as a digital customer engagement layer, empowering freight forwarders to do their work more efficiently. The solution is geared around visibility and analytics dashboard extensions that sit atop a forwarders existing technology infrastructure, including popularly used operating systems like CargoWise, Magaya, and Descartes