Loqate: Unleashing The Value Of Location Data

How many ways can you write '10 North First Street'?
10 N 1st St
10 North First St
10 North First
10 N 1st
10 First St
One can figure out that all these addresses point to the same street, but a big data analytics program cannot. In fact, no analytics program will understand the complex addresses in proper way; a challenge that sits at the heart of Big Data analytics that powers every strategic business decision of today. A dataset containing incorrect or invalid location data of businesses can impede or impair the complete analysis and cost millions.

To help organizations identify and qualify this data, Martin Turvey and Paul Flew founded Loqate in 2009. Loqate's engine can sift through unstructured data to identify the address components, which are then matched to valid addresses in their extensive reference data. The output is standardized, valid location data that will add both confidence and strength to organization's Big Data analysis. "Imagine doing this for over 240 countries in the world, and for instance in 10 different languages. So the problem we solve is very easy to understand but very difficult to solve," said Geoff Roach, Vice President, Marketing, Loqate.

Loqate is the engine behind the international address verification of most of the world's data quality vendors. For marketers, support people, and anyone in customer facing business, Loqate helps achieve accurate location data which is a critical part of data integration and MDM (master data management) process.

The company helps call center operators to meet the challenge of capturing customer address quickly and accurately. Its technology reduces the number of keystrokes needed to enter addresses on web forms while insuring the correctness of data. For GIS (geographic information system) and LBS (location based services) applications, having incomplete or incorrect addresses could mean partial analysis, erroneous results and hours of work.

Loqate can capture address, verify, and geocode for over 240 countries

Loqate engine provides LBS with more accurate geographical information and reduces the need for extensive data preparation, parsing, and cleaning.It reduces the probability that incorrect or incomplete analysis is performed using the GIS. It also offers a cloud-based service called EverythingLocation.com to make address information more accessible and affordable.

The company extends its services by partnering with leading vendors of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), GIS, CRM, Data Management, and International Distributors like Oracle, IBM, Pitney Bowes, SAS and APOS, that sell products integrated with Loqate's software.

The broad arena of the company's clientele ranges from Real Estate, Insurance, Banking to Hospitality industry. The installation of Loqate's products helped an insurance company to obtain critical location information about a building to be insured and underwrite a policy. A multinational bank in UK was having difficulty in figuring out the relationship between the bank and its customers and Loqate's software helped them to pull the data together and standardize the information. Even a local Government body found use of Loqate's technology to obtain meaningful information from different applications for healthcare, local police, hospital, and welfare department. The information was in different formats and abbreviations. The company's technology helped to put together the information from different applications and curb unlawful activity.

Loqate can power organization's applications with a combination of address capture, verification, and geocoding – all for 240+ countries. It positions itself to target solution niches and this positioning is strengthened by continuous innovation of Loqate's solution.


One can figure out that all these addresses point to the same street, but a big data analytics program cannot.