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Sal Bevan, President & CEO Settling bills, paying employees, handling customers and a myriad of other mission critical workflows are necessary in the successful day to day operations of most organizations. Massive amounts of documents, in-file servers, host applications, filing cabinets and so on, must be efficiently handled and kept secure by overwhelmed employees. This information overload is certainly any CIO’s nightmare. Meanwhile, few enterprises dealing with this perplexing amount of data and documents have found their rescue in in the promise of Document Management Technologies.

“Modern day enterprises can find themselves overwhelmed by the time and cost often associated with any significant software deployment. Ideally, you want one solution to be able to handle everything. However, when technically complex software is implemented, projects can get bogged down or not get off the ground to begin with,” says Sal Bevan, President and CEO, Loris Technologies. “In the case of technically less capable document management software, the project can start well to begin with, but the system may not meet the overall needs down the road because of capability limitations. If the system cannot do everything you need, you can end up where you started-with information located in different locations.”

Inspired and created with the vision—to provide real world solutions that work, Loris Technologies offers companies a fine amalgam of expertise and efficiencies delivered through its FileNexus Enterprise Document Management System software that dramatically simplifies document management, workflow, information archival and business continuity needs.

FileNexus is developed and perfected to quickly and effectively accommodate virtually any operational need, regardless of the industry vertical-be it financial services, healthcare, retail, government, etc. The fast, scalable and easy-to- deploy solution can capture data that is in the form of electronic data streams such as host reports, email messages, statement and payment data from print houses and bank clearing centers and more traditional records from scanned images and so on - through any connection such as WAN, LAN and Internet. The captured data is indexed and archived, collated with other relevant information, and then managed in any workflow specific to the needs of the client. “In a nutshell, FileNexus is a single, cohesive document management application that allows enterprises to meet all of their tactical and strategic needs to keep their information safe and secure and to dramatically improve their operational efficiency-fast,” says Bevan. “In just a click of the mouse, FileNexus users can access and manage everything they need, virtually instantly-no need to log in to multiple applications, no need to search for records on traditional media such as paper or microfilm-it's all there.”

FileNexus for archival

The security of records is of utmost concern to organizations. FileNexus is designed to benefit clients from both cost and compliance perspectives in this respect.
Since it will preserve an exact verifiable copy of the record, most clients, use it as their sole record archival repository. That means that costs associated with traditional storage-such as printing paper, filing cabinet space, offsite storage, disaster recovery and so on-can be eliminated.

FileNexus for compliance

FileNexus also has the ability to help organizations handle onerous compliance requirements more effectively. Not only does it store an exact and verifiable copy of the original document, but every version and action associated with that document is automatically logged. It can automatically link new records coming into the system with previously archived records relevant to the business process involved (such as a payment for a previously archived bill, for example) - making tedious exercises such as audit much more cost effective from a time and cost perspective. "We had one client who's accountants wanted to audit a group of more than a million paid invoices along with the associated purchase orders and cleared payment checks - with FileNexus, the auditor could find all the related records, virtually instantly" notes Bevan. "Another client reported reducing their billed on-site annual audit days from 175 to 4- simply because of this feature".

Getting Big Results - Fast...

FileNexus can be set to automatically push information out when it captures specific records. If FileNexus received an electronic bill stream from a print house, it could be rapidly configured to automatically send email alerts to customers every time a new bill became available - with no need to pay third parties for this. When the client paid the bill, FileNexus could not only capture and archive the information from the bank clearing center, it could then automatically update the finance system that the bill had been paid - far more quickly, while eliminating the need for staff to do manual data entry. Whether capturing and distributing host system reports to managers, purchase orders to vendors or clinical lab reports to healthcare providers, the synergies on this functionality alone can be enormous. “FileNexus can automatically alert managers when service levels are at risk and provide real time graphs and charts of any business process, even track staff productivity as required,” says Bevan. "Since all of the relevant information is also automatically linked by FileNexus, staff are able to have instant access to everything. There is no running around to find the information - it's all there, right now". Being able to link FileNexus to other applications is also a big time saver. FileNexus can be linked to host applications so that records can be accessed directly from the application screen - no FileNexus log in required. FileNexus can also be linked to existing web sites, allowing self service directly through an existing portal. "One of our clients, for example, serves over 1.5 million customers with their statements and cleared checks through their existing portal interface - FileNexus isn't visible at all, the whole process is seamless" Bevan says.

Power-Packed Performance for Clients

The versatility of FileNexus in addressing issues that are unique to different organizations is one of its differentiating factors. The clientele of Loris Technologiesincludes renowned players in virtually every business sector.
The long-standing association with their customers stand as testament to their ability to understand and address the specific needs of each client.

In one instance, the Independent Order of Foresters (Foresters), a Canadian financial services and fraternity benefits provider, approached Loris Technologies to help them manage their contract and application exchanges with over 33,000 active brokers. The customer, with more than a million members scattered across Canada, the U.K. and the U.S., chose FileNexus to cost-effectively streamline and automate this business critical workflow. By adopting FileNexus, the client’s document inflow and outflows to and from these brokers were captured and automated in FileNexus. "We went from days to hours to handle a contract, within 5 days of going into production with FileNexus" noted Jim Williamson, VP - Information Technology at Foresters. "FileNexus was also a big part of us improving business efficiency by 80 percent in certain areas.”

For us, it has always been about getting our clients big results, fast. Not in months and years - but in days and weeks. After all, we're not selling software, we're selling results

FileNexus also automated the routing of documents that were streamlined into Foresters’ approval processes and helped users to receive notifications on pending tasks. It augmented the client’s customer self service capabilities by enabling brokers and customers to access documents directly on the Foresters web portal. Lastly, FileNexus supported the client’s “work anywhere” concept by allowing staff to complete their required tasks, no matter where they were globally. “Out of all the application installations we’ve done, FileNexus went in the fastest and smoothest,” said Williamson.

'Customers First’ Approach...

“For us, it has always been about getting our clients big results, fast. Not in months and years - but in days and weeks. After all, we're not selling software, we're selling results" says Bevan. Loris Technologies has been doing just that, delivering precisely what customers expect—technology/ cost performance, time to deploy and subsequent support.

After a 20+ year journey in the development of document software, the company now plans to expand its collaboration with selected integrators and application services providers - to get their technology into the hands of more users.Loris Technologies has also just launched FileNexus.com, a cloud based service offering that will be available as a “pay as you go” transaction model. “This service will be a ready to go offering, available through a variety of resellers, and will reduce the barriers to the delivery of a full bore document management technology even further,” concludes Bevan.

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