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CIO VendorGary R Markham, CEO
The Legal market is changing rapidly with much consolidation as solutions providers are acquired by large, publicly traded companies. However, LSG thinks that ‘larger, does not always translate into better’. “Better products, solutions and service to the customer is not about size or scales, it’s about attention to detail and listening to the client. Willing to go the extra mile in delivering the highest quality of service is the key to client satisfaction,” says Gary R Markham, Chief Executive of LSG.

“The challenge in the legal arena is that everyone remains cost conscious, but the driving focus is on results, quality and performance, and the ‘total outcome’ of the matter/case. LSG’s solutions create higher visibility of the matter or case, including very close controls on budgets. This drives a more proactive case management approach towards goals and objectives around early settlements,” adds Markham.

LSG uses sophisticated software tools supported by its in-house legal team for peer-to-peer review that can keep all legal regulations and related suppliers/vendors in compliance with the company’s litigation management and e-billing guidelines. It also provides a wealth of useful data and decision triggers to assist clients in controlling budgets and reducing days in proceedings lowering the total outcome cost.

“We have significant and impactful expertise with legal resources teams trained in compliance management, spanning multiple technical disciplines. Our solutions help clients by tracking real-time budgets, managing the expert panels including fee rates and e-document submissions, saving valuable time and fostering behaviors that are geared philosophically and pragmatically towards totality and optimized settlement,” explains Markham.

Recently, LSG launched Advocator System Enterprise Reporting Tool (ASERT), adding an extra advantage to their legal management solutions. ASERT is designed to allow users to manipulate their own data and run reports on an ad hoc basis, plus graphing, that significantly enables the client to get the information when and where they want it. The latest cube-based architecture laced with a crisp front end user interface enables ASERT to provide a comprehensive platform to meet all client metrics reporting needs.

Our solutions help our clients towards the ‘total outcome’ and ‘optimized settlement’

On several occasions, LSG has implemented their solutions to “consolidate” a number of legacy systems and bring about a holistic advantage. For example, a large insurance company had claims processed on one platform and accounts payable on another system.’

“We managed to plug in our solution so that we could take daily electronic ‘feeds’, saving a lot of time in creating a claim record. At the back-end, once invoices were ready to be approved by the client, our system put them in the queue for an overnight batch feed to their accounts payable system,” adds Markham. Once that system processed payment, it electronically notified LSG’s application in order to close the audit trail loop. This scenario drove a lot of value for the client as there was no cost of integration and LSG took the lead role in ensuring the “electronic handshakes” with a secure and robust platform, saving a lot of time and expense.

LSG stays ahead of competition with its ability to provide a full spectrum of functionality configured to suit the clients’ needs. Unlike a number of its competitors, the company views itself as a “full service solutions provider” as all of its solutions and services are developed in-house and nothing is outsourced or sub-contracted.

LSG is launching a new platform called “Panel Partnership” that will provide access to a very large database of experts and act as a “showcase” of their capabilities. “We constantly research and keep in touch with our clients to gauge upcoming and impending needs. This drives our technology roadmap and underpinning investment in order to move forward and continuously meet and exceed the needs of our clients,” concludes Markham.


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Gary R Markham, CEO

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