LTW: Removing Connectivity Barriers with Wireless Solutions

Craig Lerman, President
The increased popularity of wireless networks can be attributed to the needs of every tech-savvy enterprise to curb operational cost, alleviate dependence on non-redundant terrestrial connectivity solutions, and improve customer satisfaction. Let’s Think Wireless (LTW), a systems integrator specializing in network, wireless and security technologies was born out of the need to transfer large data reserves on a reliable wireless platform. Launched in 2001, LTW was the very first incipient of corporate-owned and cutting-edge wireless connectivity solutions that could support high capacity data transmission. Wireless was sure an answer to enterprises’ inability to leverage on capital infrastructure investments due to operational efficiencies and costs. “LTW created a wireless network for customers and charged a nominal amount as monthly maintenance fees. Overtime, the companies saw a massive reduction in operational costs and higher ROI within a justifiable time frame,” says Craig Lerman, president and CEO of LTW.

LTW provides turnkey solutions that are commonly sought by renowned companies in the government, education, healthcare and hospitality sector as well as enterprise customers. The solutions such as Wireless Communication, Integrated Security, Enterprise Network Solutions and Structured Cabling were envisaged to fit to the future needs of organizations and network topologies. They have large bandwidth capacity, enhanced features on all available topologies and expanded coverage. These network solutions are survivable even during unprecedented weather conditions like blizzards and hurricanes. “In addition to that, our solutions are designed with redundancy as an option. We leverage existing technologies to create a redundant backbone and preserve a customers’ legacy system investment,” adds Lerman.

The Wireless Communication solution helps carry out data and video transmission at high speed on point to point, point to multi-point and mesh applications. Also, this solution can be integrated with any mobile application used by enterprise-class clients. Integrated Security Solutions, another unique offering of LTW, are interoperable on any platform and can aggregate or share data and video for enterprise-wide, campus-wide or city-wide security operations.
“We rely on the quality and strength of our customer relationships while offering solutions. The decades of experience in the wireless technology arena and skills of our talented work force in delivering end-to-end solutions are true differentiating factors that help us overcome market competition,” affirms Lerman. Apart from serving the customers as a technology integrator, LTW also occupies the stature of a technology advisor. “We always look for the leading edge technologies and deploy them to stay relevant in the ever-evolving world of wireless technology,” quotes Lerman.

We design redundancy as an option in all our solutions, so customers are confident their networks will remain up, even if a component of their system goes down

In an instance, the Egg Harbor Township school district approached LTW to find an alternative to their leased circuit provider. LTW gave them a cost-effective means of providing wireless connectivity between school buildings along with Wi-Fi access in the classrooms. “We also leveraged their existing licensed microwave technologies, repurposing them as redundant backbone links, thereby establishing a redundant ring around the district,” mentions Lerman.

Having achieved tremendous success, LTW plans to carry forward its philosophy of creating a collaborative environment for the customers as well as nurturing their bonds with their prestigious clientele. “Like any company that is serious about growth, we will look to take a larger presence in the wireless and security industries, hire more people and acquire companies that are complementary to what we do,” concludes Lerman.


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Craig Lerman, President

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