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Brooks Snow, CEO
Today, a large number of enterprises are moving to the cloud due to the benefits it offers such as cost-effectiveness, usability, and accessibility. However, the IT teams of the enterprises are too busy keeping the infrastructure running to know the appropriate cloud type and the data center location for successful business operations. Most often they end up with a cloud infrastructure that is not compatible with the types of apps they run and is too costly. Lume is striving to address such a predicament leveraging its over a decade of experience in helping enterprises enhance their efficiencies with best-of-breed IT solutions. The company believes that cloud infrastructure is all about bringing the apps and the data at the finger tips of the users to enhance overall working experience. To this end, Lume makes the full spectrum of cloud options such as private, public, hybrid, and colocation available for the enterprises and combines the right options into a single cohesive solution offering them the freedom and flexibility to optimize performance, cost, security, and compliance. “It’s all about your applications. The application’s requirements should determine what type of cloud infrastructure is used. Not the other way around," says Kyle Verzello, CEO, Lume.

Lume's Cloud Anyware™ solution allows clients to choose the infrastructure type best suited for each of their applications and also chose the data center where their IT environment needs to be hosted. Following which the solution provides a single-point of service for management, monitoring, and support of the cloud infrastructure implemented by clients. “Cloud Anyware starts by not talking about the infrastructure but about the applications,” remarks Verzello. The company calls this process “Cloud Fit Model™,” where the Cloud Anyware questions the clients about their compliance and performance requirements, application latency sensitivity, cost constraints, and more to understand all of their requirements and internal capabilities. “For example, this is how we might end-up recommending colocation as a solution for a client with certain high demanding data analytic applications,” explains Verzello.

With a diverse global network of data centers backed by excellent customer service and technical support, Lume enhances the control and reliability of the clients' applications.

It’s all about your applications. The application’s requirements should determine what type of cloud infrastructure is used. Not the other way around

Lume also provides flexible managed and professional services such as managed backups, monitoring, managed security, load balancing, and patch management. These services enable the client to adjust the level of management according to their needs and are particularly beneficial for enterprises that manage confidential data (such as healthcare, legal and financial services), have multi-location and/or performance requirements, and have limited personnel capability and capacity.

Lume had a client in the legal and financial services with offices both on the West and East coast, typically working with large data sets. The client had aging equipment and suffered delays when its offices tried accessing data on the other coast. The client approached Lume to help them transition to cloud for real-time access to data. Lume comprehended the applications and database requirements for architecting the cloud infrastructure by selecting the right data center locations and network connectivity that lead to the delivery of synchronous real-time data access across the country. Lume seeks to increase strategic locations of data centers to gain an opportunity to serve more clients.

Through a national partnership with real estate investment trust (REIT) CyrusOne, Lume is expanding its data center footprint into Phoenix, Dallas, and the Greater New York area that includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. With this partnership, Lume is bringing world-class colocation solutions to underserved market segments and coupling that with their industry-leading cloud and managed services.

Lume Technologies Inc

Douglasville, Georgia

Brooks Snow, CEO

Lume provides Managed Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions. Utilizing our global network and data center footprint, we provide solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud or improving their existing cloud infrastructure.Built on redundant, enterprise-grade infrastructure, our solutions are tailored to meet client-specific needs. We deliver premium solutions that provide more control, better performance and increased reliability - oh, and everything we do is backed by some of the best Customer Service and Technical Support around