LUMEDX: Enhanced Analytics Suite for Cardiovascular Clinicians

Chris Winquist, President & COO
The intricacies of cardiovascular medicine, a historically high-risk, high-cost, high-revenue area of healthcare, demand accurate and up-to-date patient information for optimal clinical and business performance. Hospitals that rely on documentation systems that focus solely on the procedural patient report are faced with the inability to incorporate data from other systems, in particular the deep, granular data required for the cardiovascular registries. To address this predicament, LUMEDX Corporation has architected a suite of solutions that support automated acquisition of patient and operational data at the point of care. These solutions enable complete, longitudinal patient records while delivering insights through analysis of population registry and other data—and embedding real-time feedback into the workflows. The analytics can then be used to drive efficiency, as well as reduce cardiovascular healthcare costs and risks.

“We have aggressively integrated every particular system and device with nearly 150 discrete point-to-point interfaces that automate the workflow, reduce duplicative work, improve data integrity and minimize inaccuracies that can lead to medical errors,” says Chris Winquist, President and COO of LUMEDX. Against this backdrop, LUMEDX aggregates demographics, clinical information, admission, discharge and transfer system (ADT) and other enterprise system data, and integrates it into the workflow.

LUMEDX’s workflow solutions comprise a suite of comprehensive tools such as procedural documentation, picture archive systems (PACS), and ECG management to screen and fill the gaps in patient reports. This feature allows users to start with a pre-populated report in which data only has to be entered once. The workflow tools can also process and monitor the patient journey across the healthcare continuum—with the integration and reporting software noted above, as well as with proprietary scheduling, inventory and other applications.

“Our avant-garde tools create a proficient workflow environment to optimize the time and productivity of clinicians and leadership,” says Winquist.

LUMEDX can configure its standard product according to the customer’s requirements after analyzing the on-site environment.

We have aggressively integrated every particular system and device with an estimated 150 discrete point-to-point interfaces to automate the workflow

The company also offers out-of-the-box solutions that are already in use at leading hospitals to prospective clients. LUMEDX offers continuous support and consulting services to customers after the implementation process to deliver the best customer experience. Additionally, when clients lack sufficient IT support for integrating the LUMEDX solution within their organization, LUMEDX offers service packages to help with the process.

To highlight the advantages of LUMEDX’s workflow solution within the realm of cardiovascular data intelligence, Winquist cites a case study in which one of the company’s major clients implemented the surgical workflow system with embedded high-powered analytical tools. The client organization’s team of surgeons was provided with in-depth feedback on the length of stay of each patient (a critical cost and quality metric), enabling the doctors to view their individual ranking. This awareness has helped the surgeons change their behavior, scheduling patients’ surgery and post-surgery care in a way that reduces the length of stay, reducing risk for patients, improving patient safety and satisfaction, and reducing costs.

Contemplating the future of LUMEDX, Winquist says the company is focused on cardiovascular medicine but is looking forward to expanding its services to other clinical specialties, enhancing existing tools and focusing more on deeper analytics of patient data. “The engine that we have built is highly scalable. We see ourselves eventually being able to manage at the same level the workflow and analytics to serve the 85 percent of the high-risk, high-cost patients in healthcare,” concludes Winquist.


Oakland, CA

Chris Winquist, President & COO

Provides intelligent and insightful analytics for the cardiovascular workflow