Lumen21: Enabling Compliance Driven Companies Security in a Hosted Cloud Environment

CIO VendorEduardo Don Jr., CEO
Moving to the cloud has been a critical shift that many organizations have found beneficial given the ease of access, with lesser cost and time involved and with increased productivity. Given all the advantages the cloud provides, the issue of compliance and regulation does not fade away. Industries like financial services and the retail sector are acutely aware of the need for compliance (PCI and FISMA) and face similar challenges to Healthcare providers.

From a governance perspective, Compliance governed enterprises still have to compensate for the regulatory requirements; security, disaster recovery, encryption, and the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to name a few. Striking a balance between the costs for supporting IT, while building, managing and securing the infrastructure is the bigger challenge the industry faces when measured against the flexibility that the on demand cloud computing model provides.

Lumen- “Understanding Clearly”- Staying True to its Name

Focused on leveraging Managed Services in compliant regulated verticals is California based Lumen21. While many companies offer pieces of a solution for compliance and regulated industries they fail to address the comprehensive requirements that Healthcare and related industries require specifically the complete solution, one that is certified and audited by respected organizations that adhere to the frameworks of HITRUST or PCI DSS. Lumen21 stands above the rest not only because of the framework that they follow for delivering a complete Compliant Cloud Computing Solution for their clients but also through their commitment and possession of industry certifications critical to give their clients the peace of mind in a
regulated environment. Lumen21 stands out in this space not only because of their commitment to providing services that meet the regulatory requirements but also because of what they like to refer to as ”Services with a degree”.

Lumen21 clients can confidently utilize Lumen’s Compliant Cloud Computing service because it is backed up by Industry Approval through the certifications (degrees) they maintain. These “degrees” ensure they are vetted to provide their clients the assurances they need to take advantage of the economies and flexibility of Cloud Computing.

Lumen21’s services are geared towards organizations that value their operational efficiencies, looking to control their IT cost and at the same time avail themselves of cost effective solutions offered by newer evolving technologies such as the cloud. All of this while ensuring that IT regulatory compliance is met. The Lumen21 services are “always on” and are available 7x24x365 so that they are available whenever the client needs them.

Setting an Example

Lumen21 clients are representative of the Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Defense Manufacturing, Public Sector as well as non Profit industries. “With its Compliant Cloud Computing platform, these and other industries can avail themselves of all the benefits of the cloud and with it comes a comprehensive set of services that provide our clients with a complete solution set that makes their Cloud IT regulatory concerns a thing of the past”, said Eduardo Don Jr. President of the firm. This Compliant Cloud platform is not only a vehicle for Lumen21’s end clients but it is also a vehicle for channel partners as well as Application Vendor partners looking to offer their software as a service. Leveraging Lumen21’s Compliant Cloud Platform and associated services gives the Application vendors selling into Healthcare a HIPAA Compliant platform that is compliant and backed by the leading framework in the industry andis subject to audit confirmation. For the distribution channel, it provides a validated platform that they can offer to their own client base answering the solution requirements that their regulated clients require in the Cloud space.


Eduardo Don Jr., CEO

The company offers Managed services, Application development and Infrastructure consulting