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Ransom Stafford, CEO
Today’s innovative IT organizations are quickly becoming their companies’ demand analytics champions, charged with creating and sustaining one, powerful BI Architecture that drives strategic business decisions throughout the entire organization.” This is the view of Ransom Stafford, CEO of LumiData, creators of SOLYS™ demand intelligence solutions.

“Customer demand information is the lifeblood of every consumer goods organization. Today’s CIOs are looking for technology solutions that help their companies anticipate and respond to ever-shifting consumer preferences,” remarks Stafford. The challenge is providing every member of the CG enterprise with the tools and time they need to perform at optimal levels. We created SOLYS with that challenge in mind.”

SOLYS is designed to address all of what LumiData refers to as the four As—Architecture, Acquisition, Analytics and Application. The software platform enables the design of a BI Architecture that seamlessly integrates internal and retailer POS demand data across the enterprise, consistently funneling timely, unified data to exactly the right person, based on that person’s needs.

Every CG company knows that the Acquisition of high-quality customer data is critical to success. SOLYS gives CG companies the power to collect, cleanse and integrate all of their demand data— from any source, any format, for any retailer.

“SOLYS provides a single version of the ‘truth’ with specific analytics that allow all the decision-makers within an organization to be more effective, improve business performance, and enhance productivity,” asserts Stafford. “We recognize that a truly valuable solution must align to each retailer's metrics and requirements, so users have a solution that speaks the language of their retailers. This feature truly differentiates SOLYS’ data acquisition capability.”
Most CG companies agree that it’s one thing to have copious amounts of the right supply, order and demand data on hand, but it’s another thing to have the customized Analytics, dashboards and reports that help you visually connect the dots between internal processes and shifting consumer purchasing patterns.

“It’s not enough to react to change. In this business, you need to anticipate change— and to do that you need to be able to visualize change,” says Stafford. “SOLYS distills data from each of a CG company’s retailers into customizable dashboards and demand intelligence reports specific to each person’s role within the CG enterprise.”

The LumiData organization defines high quality demand data as meaningful data that provides detailed actionable insights that result in effective Application throughout the CG organization.
“To build sales volume, maximize profits and minimize costs, a CG enterprise has to score countless individual key performance indicator (KPI) wins at every level,” says Stafford. “SOLYS integrates and processes all the supply, order and POS demand data needed by both retail and c-level team members—exactly when they need it to make key decisions and develop new strategies.”

Stafford and his team are always in continuous improvement mode, relying on the needs of SOLYS users to enhance the capability and usability of the software. For instance, because today’s CG companies have a need to go far deeper than chain level data to anticipate changing consumer patterns, LumiData recently released a robust Store Level Analytics module. And because manufacturer’s rep group users have a need to manage the process-side of their business, SOLYS now offers a purchase order management system.

As Stafford says, “We constantly add new features to help companies track the past, manage the present and plan the future. We don’t stop with one success. LumiData is in the business of creating business.”


Minneapolis, MN

Ransom Stafford, CEO

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