Lunarline: Security Automation at its Best

Waylon Krush, CEO
Government agencies and commercial businesses continue to shift critical operations and IT workloads to the cloud, but the protection of cloud assets and cloud data requires a unique approach. It’s critical that organizations integrate cloud-specific security strategies using cloud-native security solutions into IT baselines. Enter Lunarline—an information and cloud security solutions provider to the U.S. federal government and commercial markets.

By offering risk-based information security and training services, Lunarline designs, develops, and integrates security and information assurance for cloud-based systems, devices and software. Lunarline’s security professionals have the expertise to translate the litany of complex cloud security concepts and terminology into a hassle free, state-of-the-art security solution for the customer. “Our primary role is being a true security consulting and technology enabled consulting advisor to cloud service providers,” says Waylon Krush, CEO, Lunarline.

Building an entire technology stack around security and privacy automation, Lunarline has helped several organizations securely navigate a complex cyber-threat landscape, shut down attacks and secure customer systems and data in the cloud. As an example, Lunarline Ground Station provides relevant threat intelligence services instantaneously by correlating threat data with the assets deployed in the organization. Ground Station enables users to prevent security breaches rather than reacting to them. “We pull a variety of threat, malware, and vulnerability information from different cloud providers and automatically pinpoint critical information that requires attention,” Krush explains.

Airlock is another example of Lunarline’s innovative approach to cloud security automation. Airlock automates the application of security configurations to computer systems. “Whether we’re talking about a massive Infrastructure as a Service or specific databases or operating systems, we build tools that automate security processes and replace manual techniques, freeing security engineers to focus on improving security posture,” adds the CEO. Additionally, the company has also developed a tool—Sniper, enabling 24/7 ongoing vulnerability and penetration testing of customers’ assets. Test results shed light on deep vulnerabilities that help organizations enhance security processes.

We pull a variety of threat, malware, and vulnerability information from different cloud providers and automatically pinpoint critical information that requires attention

To combine these capabilities and provide a unified solution to cloud security challenges Lunarline created the Managed Active Response Security (MARS) Program. MARS delivers unique cyber capabilities to the intelligence, defense, federal civilian, and private sectors. The approach transcends traditional managed security monitoring to establish continuous, active network defense. “All of our solutions are tailored to meet the customer needs and their mission, ensuring utmost security and privacy,” says Krush.

By building resilient and recoverable systems for clients, Lunarline has invested significantly in managed security services. “We invest heavily in our network operations team and we hire the best testers and hackers to provide customers detailed, risk-based insight. Also, we invest deeply in providing tailored, role-based training for our team as well as clients,” Krush explains. Furthermore, the company will continue to build environments that replicate and enable customers to understand the current attack vectors and threats.

Case Study: A large cloud service provider with a sizeable domestic and international client base faced several challenges expanding and securing a distributed cloud system. Lunarline conducted a gap analysis of the client’s security portfolio to determine its ability to defend disparate foreign locations. Backed by Lunarline’s cloud security capabilities, the customer was able to build security and privacy into the cloud solution while simultaneously addressing multiple international and national compliance requirements. The solution resulted in increased client return on investment and avoided the need to engage separate IT security consultants in different countries


Arlington, VA

Waylon Krush, CEO

Cyber security and privacy provider to the U.S. federal government as well as private industry