Lusis Payments: High Performance, Low Cost and Flexible Software Simplifies Payment Industry

Philippe Préval, CEO
Many organizations are slow to turn towards innovative strategies and technological advancements in their retail payment arena and indiscriminately trust legacy systems for data storage and payment processing. Their idea of embracing change is driven by groundless assumptions and fear of uncertainties that are capable of putting businesses at jeopardy. Using outdated payment application methods sans Internet services, enterprises will never be able to exploit the benefits of HP NonStop servers, like data integrity, security and back-up. Lusis Payments, one of the renowned providers of modern software solutions and services for the payment industry across Europe, Asia and the United States, helps address this challenge by ensuring that its clients reap the advantages of modernization available on the HP server platform to have organizational flexibility and dexterity.

Lusis Payments introduced novel software solutions for the payment industry in 2001. TANGO, one of its most efficient and service-driven solutions built on Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) empowers its customers in the banking and financial space to enjoy the perks of innovation and the ability to evolve with HP servers. TANGO supports transactions such as acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating, and authorizing across multiple channels, including ATM, POS, e-Commerce, and mobile situated in different geographic areas. Its very architecture provides customers maximum flexibility in terms of their choice of platform, database and operating environment including Linux and UNIX. “TANGO technology is based on POSIX specification and also supports the HP NonStop environment by running as an open application on the OSS layer of the operating system and uses a SQL/MX database in that configuration.

TANGO is a technology offering an integrated infrastructure that is highly efficient, while its genuine service-oriented architecture significantly reduces development time and cost

Our customers can control their own destiny and that’s what really makes TANGO an outstanding solution,” said Philippe Préval, CEO of Lusis Payments.

TANGO has a central Data Bus that works with any business or technical function requirement while processing a transaction that can originate from any source. These transactions are received by the Data Bus, which in turn routes these messages that support varied and multi-leg transactions. BankservAfrica, one of Lusis’s customers, implemented TANGO for its low ownership cost on the front end and on an ongoing basis. The client witnessed a positive change in the payment environment that enabled them to develop new service products to procure new business contracts.

In another instance, Lusis and Credit Argicole (CA) in France developed a product offering called “LitePOS” to manage a very large POS estate with TANGO as its central server. With that, CA saw a massive attrition of complexities and costs connected to the management of 300,000 devices. And finally, a North American bank’s successful replacement of an obsolete legacy system, at a very low cost, and easy adoption of the most recent technology, is additional testimony to TANGO’s functionality.

Lusis Payments outshines its rivals for its profound acumen in the electronic payments business and its successful formula for its operation. Renowned clientele and HP partnership form its unique asset and main proponents for creation of high-performance solutions. Lusis’s philosophy mirrors Préval’s belief on paying close attention to customer needs. “We have worked with Lusis Payments at all levels, technically, to get TANGO software into the NonStop environment to tune it and gain from its utmost performance. The company’s clear grasp of business and dedication towards customers plays a vital role for its overall success and product efficacy,” remarked Randy Meyer, VP and General Manager of HP’s Mission Critical Systems.

Even after attaining a trump-card across the United States for TANGO’s scalability and success in X86 testing, Lusis does not rest on its laurels, and the company plans to work on new interfaces and cloud configuration projects.

Lusis Payments

Paris, France

Philippe Préval, CEO

Software and service provider to the global retail payment industry to reduce risk and operation cost as well as help support an array of payment transactions