Luware: Revolutionizing Unified Communications in Customer Service

Philipp Beck, CEO
Being a global provider of software solutions, Microsoft is constantly enmeshed in meeting with the varied needs of all their customers, leaving them with little time to focus on the specific requirements of an individual customer segment or market sector. This holds particularly true in the case of Unified Communications, where Microsoft is undoubtedly gaining pace but is still a relatively new player in the business communication arena. Curbing this, Luware brings together the experience and understanding of the business communications market and their in-depth knowledge and development experience of the Microsoft Unified Communications platform, to create solutions that meet the needs of individual customers.“With the advent of Lync and more recently Skype, Unified Communications has finally come of age and is being considered as a viable alternative to a conventional communications platform,” says Philipp Beck, CEO, Luware.

Today customers expect a 24 hour mode of business communication whether it is via the web, social media, email, Skype, IM or telephone. The Luware approach of Lean Unified Customer Service (LUCS) enables clients to create a single unified environment tailored to their specific requirements built on the proven Microsoft Unified Communications platform. The goal of the solution is to enable communications between businesses and their customers without being dependent on a type of device or time of day, thus achieving a high level of cost-effectiveness in implementation and operations. Guided by the mantra to constantly evolve with coming of age technology, Luware was the first to build the contact center completely on Microsoft Lync APIs with the view of an omni-channel contact center.

The company believes in pushing forward by creating solutions that help clients revolutionize the ways in which they do business. Being a young company, Luware is more in sync with the needs of the modern customer. “This means that we are part of the next generation of customers who are looking for new ways to interact.
Conversely we’re also a generation who react immediately to issues and expect immediate responses,” states Beck.

One of Luware’s key customers is a major global financial services (banking) organization. In line with competition, the client was increasingly looking to move away from branch and face-to-face banking to telephone, online and mobile banking. The alternative methods would also help the client reduce cost and meet the increasing demands of the highly mobile customer. “Luware works with the company in partnership, by utilizing our solutions based on the Microsoft Unified Communications platform,” informs Beck. Now if the bank’s key customers log onto the online banking account they are presented with a picture of their account manager, showing the online presence status for each of the available communication channels; IM, Voice and Video. All the channels offer the option of web collaboration, which includes the option to schedule a future online meeting if the account manager is busy. These communication paths are in tandem with banking regulatories and are also highly secure. Ultimately, Luware’s services enabled the customer to deliver the same personalized level of service in a modern mobile and online environment.

Lean Unified Customer Service (LUCS), enables clients to create a single unified environment tailored to their specific requirements built on the proven Microsoft Unified Communications platform

In the future ahead, Luware harbors the ambition to become one of the leaders in development of Unified Communications solutions for customer service. The company's immediate focus is to take their current solutions to a wider, more global, market.



Philipp Beck, CEO

Designs, deploys and maintains lean customer service solutions based on Microsoft Unified Communications.