Luxent: Selecting the Right ERP Partner Makes all the Difference

Vivian Keena, CEO
When it comes to selecting ERP software, many businesses find themselves without a roadmap. It’s tough to weed through all the options available in the cloud, align business needs with the right software, and get an implementation that puts you on the path to success. Southern California-based NetSuite reseller, Luxent Inc., is on a mission to transform the ERP buying experience. “Too many customers buy the wrong ERP software and spend unnecessary dollars trying to make it work,” says Luxent CEO Vivian Keena. “ERP selection is a 10–15 year commitment, if not longer, so companies need to make sure they are selecting the right product that’s going to work for their business now and into the future.”

Working with a partner who puts the customer’s best interest first is critical. “A partner must both understand the industry as well as be experts on the software,” says Keena. “Often, resellers are focused on the selling and not the implementation. At Luxent, we believe both parts of the process are crucial–one isn’t more important that the other. Who needs good software if it isn’t implemented properly? Who needs good implementers if they aren’t implementing the solution that will support your business?”

With an extensive background in ERP, cloud technology, and the NetSuite platform, Luxent offers a full suite of services including implementation, training, development, and integration. “The base NetSuite platform is a great starting point to mold to a company’s specific needs,” says Keena. “Our goal with any NetSuite implementation is to ensure the platform aligns with – and brings efficiency to –a client’s current business while leaving space for continued growth.”

In an implementation highlight, Keena tells the story of Inter-Lux, a lighting manufacturer that found Luxent during its NetSuite implementation. “Here was a company that chose the right product but was struggling with the implementation partner,” explains Keena. The Luxent team came in and took over the implementation successfully: “If I did it all over again, I would have gone to Luxent right away,” said Mark Zaroogian, Inter-lux COO.

Our goal with any NetSuite implementation is to ensure the platform aligns with – and brings efficiency to –a client’s current business while leaving space for continued growth

“We needed a team that had deep manufacturing knowledge and deep NetSuite knowledge so that we could implement with an eye toward scaling for the future.”

Along with being a NetSuite reseller, Luxent developed iQ, Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), an advanced quoting application designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and businesses with complex or configured quotes. A certified Built for NetSuite solution, iQ CPQ provides a deep functionality that goes beyond one-size-fits-all quoting solutions to deliver a simple and intuitive experience resulting in faster, more accurate quotes for end-customers. “Quoting is often the hardest part of a company’s business,” says Keena. “iQ streamlines the whole process so it’s easy for the user and produces an attractive, accurate, compelling quote for the end-customer.”

Luxent is charting a course for continued growth: “What we offer customers is a different experience in their ERP journey— and we’re going to keep growing and improving how we do it,” says Keena. “Time and again we see customers that were oversold and under-delivered– buying too much software, not getting the customization they need, losing momentum mid-project, etc. We’re here to not just be a good partner but to be a good advocate for our customers. We want to guide customers in the selection process, implement exactly what’s needed to fix business issues, and leave them confident, powerful users of cloud-based ERP technology. That’s where we see a need and that’s where we’re focusing.”


Aliso Viejo, CA

Vivian Keena, CEO

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