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Arno Rautenbach, MD and Warwick Smith
When it comes to investing in the right ERP system for a company, organizations can always save money on the investments, both in a short-term and in a long-term. Imagine a situation wherein one wants to implement an ERP system for his/ her company. The questions that any executive will have in their mind will be: do I really need an ERP system? Is the system going to be beneficial to my employees? Is it going to accelerate my business processes and make the business cycle more efficient? And then comes the final and most important question, who is going to support my ERP transition? Arno Rautenbach leads his company LyteCone to answer all these questions, assisting every company in getting ready to experience ERP.

LyteCone provides premium quality, long term IT and business solutions to organizations seeking to enter the ERP era. Unlike most providers, LyteCone solutions are carefully customized to meet every single specific client requirement. The company’s highly skilled team of IT experts and experienced management consultants work together with a client to facilitate business processes and operational strategies, increase productivity, and grow revenues. “Our passion to deliver most innovative solutions in the industry, the experience and expertise to help customers is the key ingredient behind LyteCone’s success,” explains Rautenbach, MD, LyteCone.

Most organizations aim to optimize their systems and find ways to collect more business data. This is where the role of solutions like NetSuite comes in, which provides seamless analytics and data processing capabilities. Businesses are now looking to be not retrospective in action, but they want to be prompted without any issues, given the technology stack of NetSuite provides real-time insights. “The trend around being able to access the system from wherever without boundaries is the biggest aspect that has made businesses partner with NetSuite,” adds Rautenbach.

Since its inception, the company has been creating success stories by working closely with a number of organizations across the globe.

Our passion to deliver most innovative solutions in the industry, the experience and expertise to help customers is the key ingredient behind LyteCone’s success

In an instance, LyteCone assisted a client to migrate their complex processes to the cloud. Most of the client’s processes were manual and they were not in control of the production costs and distribution costs. LyteCone’s team discussed with the customer about the processes, the final results, as well as the solutions that are going to be integrated with their systems. “Unless we talk about the business management policies being introduced into the organization and explain about the benefits, the processes are not easy to complete,” he adds. Finally, the team decided to implement the Phase I of the project to deliver the experience of the modern cloud era.

The company engraves its name in the industry with a completely different approach when it comes to the implementation of solutions. “We analyze the client’s organization to identify what’s missing, rather than going to the head office and discussing the solution. Then the team builds controls to make things accurate with a business management solution and customize the ERP as per the client’s business objectives,” adds Rautenbach.

At LyteCone every single person in a project carries shared responsibility with the client for each phase—the secret of successful implementation. With this unique strategy, the company has been a valued partner to some of the leading organizations across the globe including Herald Land, Jasco, and Centenary City. In the coming days, LyteCone is looking forward to expanding its portfolio with acquisitions, and strategic alignments with partners. “While a steep curve of growth is en route, we are ready to embrace the growing technology trends,” he concludes.


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Arno Rautenbach, MD and Warwick Smith

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