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Niels Bouwman, CEO
Organizations across industries have been innovating with their marketing strategies to reach out to their target audiences effectively. And, in the recent years, digital content has been at the center of their strategies considering the role it plays in building a brand’s identity. No wonder, firms of all sizes consider outsourcing all the work related to creating, managing, and publishing content across digital platforms in order to improve and sustain their brand’s image in the market. On the contrary, Netherlands-based marketing asset management company—Lytho—delivers the desired capabilities to manage all of it in-house. The company offers a brand portal, which enables firms to create, manage, translate, and publish all their digital content. “Our business goal is to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in making marketing operations and processes more transparent, streamlined, and cost-effective for clients, and our platform allows them to do so,” begins Niels Bouwman, CEO of Lytho.

Lytho developed its platform as a single source to manage, create and publish content for all the departments of organizations in order to help them manage their workflows and market their brand across various social media platforms effectively. As a self-driven platform, it allows companies to perform all the content-related work themselves, without the need to deal with any complex implementation or configuration. The cloud-based platform encompasses several building blocks such as digital asset management, content translation and enrichment, and workflow management to create a personalized marketing hub for clients. Additionally, it also streamlines processes such as information distribution with business partners.

A differentiating factor, which adds to Lytho’s unparalleled credibility, is its two decades-long partnership with Adobe. Lytho’s in-depth knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Cloud allows the company to equip its platform with various distinct features. One of these is the seamless integration of Lytho’s platform with Adobe’s InDesign server that empowers clients to not only create attractive and enticing InDesign templates but also quickly edit them when required.

We believe that people should do what they are good at. We provide a marketing platform to let people stand out in what they are really good at

The InDesign Server integration further allows businesses to format their documents as per their corporate identity.

Owing to these capabilities, Lytho uniquely stands out a creative publishing partner for its clients. This can be substantiated with the company’s alliance with Segway, a manufacturer of self-balancing electric vehicles. Segway had several challenges in terms of centrally managing all its marketing materials and sending out the finalized templates and content separately to different distributers. To eradicate these problems, Segway decided to collaborate with Lytho and employ its platform. “Using our platform, Segway’s employees could manage all their digital assets and grant access to their dealers around the globe. Segway’s marketeers were also able to utilize marketing material in online templates. It controlled their audit trail, resulting in a strong and efficient workflow while also consistently creating enhanced brand images through marketing communications,” explains Bouwman.

Lytho has always focused on helping its customers improve their existing content management and marketing operations by encouraging them to display creativity. For 30 years, the company (previously known as Sabern) has worked incessantly to add value to its customers’ brands by delivering them the desired capabilities. Lytho now envisions leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to further strengthen its clients’ marketing efforts. Therefore, Lytho has launched a renewed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product in this current for mid-market and enterprise customers, in which feedback from more than hundreds of customers has been applied.


The Hague, Netherlands

Niels Bouwman, CEO

Provides a platform for all the content marketing needs of a firm from content creation to publication