M33 Integrated Solutions: Scalable Technology Tools to Optimizing Logistics

Facilitating seamless transportation and logistics has always been a major challenge for manufacturers, distributors, and third party players throughout their journey of developing an efficient supply chain service. “As a logistics solutions provider we believe in providing companies with tools and intelligence to address their transportation issues and remain more efficient and cost-effective to achieve their end-goals,” says Scott Riddle, Senior Partner, M33 Integrated Solutions. The Greenville, SC headquartered firm, M33 Integrated Solutions offers not only technology and tools but also, the valuable information that are needed to automate logistics across the entire supply chain network. With their unique combination of proprietary technology and supply chain expertise, M33 helps seamlessly execute their transportation tasks.

The company’s robust offerings help reduce costs, save time, and improve service through their Blackbeard Transportation Management System (TMS) technology. The web-based TMS provides better visibility into the supply chain to impact operations. With better accuracy, billing data, insight on carrier compliance, and shipment status, the customers can gain insights on the product status and respond quickly to potential issues. Moreover, TMS can easily integrate and automate the crucial activities of the supply chain operations.

M33’s Co-Management logistics solution minimizes all mundane tasks around logistics thereby releasing internal resources to concentrate on core operational activities more intensely. Supply chain intelligence is another key offering from M33, which is performed by applying scientific approach to transportation data. “Our analytics and reporting software identifies opportunities that exist over the life span of shipment, which provides clear insight and measurable data,” says Riddle. From shipment, pickup, and delivery times to cost per unit trends and more, the analytics software integrates information from multiple sources to provide comprehensive data on key performance indicator (KPIs).Furthermore, M33 manages complex shipping issues with their International logistics solution. “Since international operations involve numerous conditions and regulations, we streamline the shipping operations with our international logistics solutions to give better visibility across the supply chain,” adds Riddle.

With immense service and support to the logistics domain, the company has gained many customers in chemicals, railway, plastics and packaging segments.
An adhesives company is one such client who benefitted from M33’s robust solution.The company partnered with M33 to streamline their transportation and logistics challenge through Blackbeard TMS system. M33's team integrated the TMS across multiple departments to reveal better visibility into routing and shipment status. This in turn helped the client to provide better responses to customers on time and also yielded to more accurate information on the goods without the need of any assistance from the carrier. Through this partnership, the client gained competitive advantage and built good rapport with their customers. M33 is very much committed as a logistics partner, who constantly monitors trends in the transportation industry to serve their clients more effortlessly. “Our personnel are deeply involved with leading national, and international logistics and transportation-related organizations. We communicate frequently with all major transportation providers to forewarn our partners of upcoming challenges to their transportation environment,” says Riddle. Unlike other companies, M33 is more focused on customer’s value that has been helpful to build longer relationships and success as well.

Our analytics and reporting software identifies opportunities by providing clear insight and measurable data

M33 is rapidly expanding their footprint by establishing a Global Operations Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. This center comprises of qualified logistics experts, who support the transportation and shipping activities by collaborating with the concerned company. “We have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years within our existing clients as well as new clients. Our new expansion demonstrates our continued commitment to provide a great work environment to our dedicated employees who serve our clients at such a high level,” concludes Riddle.


Greenville, SC

Scott Riddle, Senior Partner, M33

A logistics provider, who delivers a unique combination of proprietary technology and supply chain expertise to help enterprises achieve their business goals.