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Roberto Roman, Product Line Manager
Almost three decades ago, Quebec-based M5 Technologies began its journey in the VoIP market by manufacturing gateways and focusing on edge devices to ensure a seamless transi¬tion from analog to digital signals. In the past ten years, the company has shifted closer to incorporating a variety of real-time and non-real-time communication channels and worked on SBCs to provide unified communications. M5 Technolo¬gies specializes in IP protocols and multi¬media communication solutions and offers a complete set of SIP-based products and technologies. Additionally, Microsoft has certified the firm to ensure a single all-in-one communication hub with Teams to facilitate direct routing. “We can interact with almost all the known platforms in the industry,” states Roberto Roman, Project Line Manager at M5 Technologies.

Due to its vast portfolio, the com¬pany has various customers, each with their unique challenges. For carriers, M5 Technologies uses a centralized system to aid them in managing and monitoring all the deployed units. The solution integra¬tors or distributors require stable software and long-lasting hardware to sell to SMEs, and accordingly, M5 Technologies deliv¬ers devices with top-notch quality built to run for decades. The firm ensures the lon¬gevity of its devices by offering upgrades regularly. The software provides flexible connections and offers adjustments and fine-tuning at a level that no other can match in the industry.

Across all of its product lines, M5 Technologies maintains the same software and trains its customers accordingly. Once users get accustomed to the interface on any device, they can effortlessly operate the entire range of products as the user experience remains the same across all the devices.
There is minimal configuration, and if a customer prefers modifications instead of the standardized tools, they can easily do so since only the hardware changes while the software remains in¬tact across all the platforms. Although the firm releases three or four versions of its software annually, the newer versions are still compatible with the old hardware. The developers at M5 Technologies master the industry protocols and follow the norms and specs for every device, while still providing extra room to accommodate the flexibility that modern organizations seek.

The company relies on its distribu¬tors and system integrators to provide level one and two support to the end-users. However, as a large-scale manufacturer, M5 Technologies provides all the tools to its carriers and solution providers during on-site visits. The company’s sales engi¬neering team and support department pro¬vide level three and four support to these partners. If they require a patch or a new feature, the sales engineers understand and document their needs and validate them before moving ahead to the R&D. Since the hardware or the software is developed and built in-house, the company can de¬liver proof of concept to its customers in a brief span of time.

Reliability, stability, and resiliency constitute the core DNA of M5 Technolo¬gies. As per the market dynamics, the com¬pany is set to launch a software SBC by mid-May. During the pandemic, the com-pany faced delays in terms of manufactur¬ing due to a lack of parts. Consequently, M5 Technologies redesigned the entire product line to ensure on-time delivery for its customers. The company adheres to its customer-centric ideology of delivering the exact solution that precisely tackles a client’s issues.

M5 Technologies

Sherbrooke, Québec

Roberto Roman, Product Line Manager

M5 Technologies powered by Media5 Corporation is a Canadian development and manufacturing company specializing in IP protocols and multimedia communication solutions, offering a complete set of SIP-based products and technologies. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, the company manufactures highly adaptable hardware and software components that are ready for market. M5 Technologies has its headquarters in Canada and local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. The firm’s products are certified, distributed, and deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

M5 Technologies