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Tim McDermott , President
“I treat people the way I want to be treated. We are in an extremely competitive and fast paced business environment, we are dependent on one another to be constructive and to work collaboratively in order to be successful,” says Tim McDermott, President of MAC Source. As businesses need to be listening to their customers in order to be most productive, McDermott feels that those organizations need tools for monitoring, filtering, and managing their social media conversations. They may need to shift through thousands of social media mentions to discern important conversations— ones that are actionable in a measurable way.

Enterprises need to listen and respond to customer posts and also require the ability to determine interactions that are important and actionable, and respond in a timely and meaningful manner. This is where MAC Source comes in—they enable businesses to better leverage resources to achieve their ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing overall customer service costs. “We offer comprehensive service delivery from design and development to deployment of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions and we partner with the global leader in contact centers, Avaya,” notes McDermott.

McDermott further reveals that the technology industry is continuously evolving. “From our early days as a telephony provider, MAC Source has kept pace with technology through continuous investments in our people and ongoing partnerships with our manufacturers,” he notes. Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, the company delivers enhanced solutions in Contact Center, Unified Communications, including voice, data, and video, contact centers, networking and network security. MAC Source combines the power and reliability of industry-leading products with personal expertise in MAC Source design, implementation, and ongoing support, to provide customers the best of both worlds—superior technology and the comfort of working with a local company.

Managed Services and a Network Operation Center (NOC) are some of the unique services offered by MAC Source. “Our Network Operations Center plays an important role in giving our customers the highest level of customer service and technical support,” says Justin Reynolds, National Account Manager, MAC Source. The NOC is staffed with Avaya Certified Engineers (ACE) to ensure quick and knowledgeable responses to service requests—round the clock.
With MAC Monitoring, the Avaya Media Server checks for server errors throughout the day. If any inaccuracies are detected, the NOC is notified immediately and appropriate action is taken by the PBX monitoring system that provides artificial intelligence to remedy the problems before they impair the organization’s functionality.

Furthermore, MAC Source has significant experience in implementing multi-channel Contact Center solutions to meet the requirements of all customers. The real power of multi-channel is that, it eliminates the need for call center agents to learn new processes, while making it unnecessary for administrators to segment the workforce for non-voice media. In short, call centers can be more productive without adding overhead. MAC Source is an advocate of blended Contact Center solutions that enable agents to service any customer request, using the same solution, regardless of media type.

Every market that MAC Source competes in has a unique set of challenges. The company is competing against multi-billion dollar manufacturers directly, while also contending against national, international, and regional resellers. “Our customers are always grading us. They push us to be better. At the end of the day, they continue to do business with us which is probably the best measure of our relevancy and success,” says Andrew Hall, Solutions Consultant, MAC Source.

We offer comprehensive service delivery from design and development to deployment of Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions

“Our growth really happened because we listen to the customers,” states McDermott. “We listen to what our customers are asking for and this often results in our developing a new service or moving into a new market. Today, we are building very strong practices in data security, networking, video, and physical security as well,” concludes McDermott.

MAC Source Communications

Syracuse, NY

Tim McDermott , President and Andrew Hall, Solutions Consultant Justin Reynolds , National Account Manager

Delivers leading Unified Communications, Contact Center solutions which enable businesses to better leverage resources and achieve their goal of increasing customer satisfaction, while decreasing overall customer service costs