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Enhanced user experience has emerged as the key driver of cost saving, time efficiency, training, and revenue for businesses. In tandem, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have gained a greater foothold in the experience-driven modern business world. Although XR looks seamless on the face, the devil is in the details. Companies investing in XR struggle to cover all the bases for their investments to bear fruit. MACE Virtual Labs helps enterprises turn their vision into reality.

As a trusted partner for enterprisescale VR, MACE provides full solutions to end-users immediately–a gamechanger for enterprises looking to scale XR quickly. This includes VR planning, testing, implementation, and support. Whether it is soft-skills training, virtual collaboration environments, visualization in technical workflows, industrial skills training, product design and engineering, or research, MACE enables its clients to stay in complete control of the elevated experience they want to deliver to their employees or customers. So, enterprises can execute XR at scale.

But how does MACE do it? MACE simplifies decisionmaking, which is a moving target in the XR market with a growing list of companies each offering myriad types of VR headsets, specialized software, and related products and services. CTOs, CIOs, and other decision makers remain on their toes as concerns loom around vendor lock-in, flexibility, safe and secure XR operating environments, system and software maintenance and update, and remote data security management, among others. Not to mention the quintessential aspect of developing highly contextual content for the XR infrastructure to be of value. MACE, led by an authoritative team of VR and XR experts, brings comprehensive planning, specialized knowledge, and management skills to the table.

“We offer 14 different product lines, and we can essentially fulfill the vision of virtual reality from head to toe,” says Edgar Acosta, Managing Partner at MACE. “MACE provides multiple options, including VR headsets, haptic gloves, full haptic suits, motion platforms software management systems—all of those elements required to create a full solution.” Backed by a consultative approach in its client engagement, the company helps clients choose the right XR equipment, software, and integration support in place to create maximum impact on the user and the needs of the business. Unlike a one-and-done business, MACE stands rock solid behind its clients through its additional support services, helping them track and trace the XR outcomes and customize the overall strategy along the way for optimized results.

“Many Fortune 5000 companies rely on MACE to bundle multiple types of XR equipment, software, and content,” says Acosta.
The hardware and software are selected with an aim of to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO), taking into account current and future needs. MACE works closely with the clients’ teams to streamline the end-to-end process, from procurement to implementation to integration through training, support, and maintenance. As data security concerns loom large, the company pays close attention to securing data remotely through remote data wipe out features and through MACE’s device management offerings, firmware and software updates for their clients’ compliance and governance needs. To allay budget concerns, MACE’s customers have access to financing options, including long-term financing, leasing, or XR as a Service (XRaaS) options. This allows clients to optimize between CAPEX and OPEX expenses, as well as offload device management and ownership if it makes business sense.

Apart from the right equipment, content is the bedrock of XR’s success. To that end, MACE provides content-related services based on the unique needs of its clients. Team MACE carefully understands content needs and whether apt content is available in the market or the client has the resources to produce it in house. It will also help the client choose the right VR studio and the best resources in terms of skillsets in the areas of 3D modeling, VR designers and specialized developers to produce quality content. Contextual content enabled by MACE allows enterprises, researchers, academia, and industrial players to reduce training cost, time, and travel, among other valuable benefits, which have a strong impact on their growth.

Many Fortune 5000 companies rely on MACE to bundle multiple types of XR equipment, software, content, and services

As equipment quality plays a crucial role in XR, MACE’s maintenance services ensure the hardware is optimized to perfection and software is up-to-date. Amid COVID-19, it offers XR-related hygiene solutions for a bacteria/virus-free XR experience. With a booming XR market, MACE is well positioned to provide not only the technical foundation but a one-stop shop for XR success for its growing clientele.

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