Mach Networks: Untethering Landline Communications In The Wireless Era

Donald Ochoa, CEO Five years ago, Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest and most destructive event of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, left one of the largest landline service providers in the nation unable to provide service to much of the northeast Atlantic region of the county. Large-scale network outages affected thousands, and most customers were unable to conduct business. The service provider tried other wireless failover solutions in the past, but service was slow, the connections unreliable, and management of the devices was not scalable. In addition, there were no resources available in their organizations to support wireless services which did not fit into their core landline-based operational model. They needed an immediate solution to resolve these network outages, and they needed it in 3-days. They placed their bets on MACH Networks, a forward-thinking organization that was created to meet the expected wireless needs of the landline Service Provider community. MACH stepped up to the challenge and delivered hundreds of fully provisioned routers over this 3-day period. Today this national landline service provider continues as one of MACH’s many long-standing and loyal partners, recently extending their partnership with MACH Networks for another 3 years.

Supporting a Wide Range of Connectivity Solutions for the Internet of Things

After years of working with several of the largest landline service providers in the nation, MACH Networks built a streamlined and scalable model for delivering and supporting 4G LTE connectivity solutions quickly and efficiently. They recently launched the MACH Networks Partner Program to make it easy for the next generation of solution providers, telco agents, and VARs to add 4G LTE-based connectivity solutions to their product portfolio. These comprehensive, fully managed solutions include enterprise class routers, pooled service plans on the largest, fastest, most reliable wireless networks in North America, remote monitoring and management of the routers, usage alarms and email alerts, and ongoing technical support.

As speeds continue to increase and costs continue to decline, more landline providers are beginning to migrate toward 4G LTE connectivity. “Some of the main drivers are the needs for lower costs, higher speeds, quickly deployable solutions for applications like wireless failover and SD-WAN, and the explosive growth of connectivity for the Internet of Things,” explains Donald Ochoa, the CEO of MACH Networks.

Ochoa believes that it is not just the large landline service providers, but the smaller landline telecom agents and VARs who are warming up to the idea of including 4G LTE connectivity as a part of their product offering.
To support this trend, the MACH Networks Partner Program was designed to be flexible and make it easy and profitable for them to add Connectivity for the Internet of Things to their product portfolios. Service Providers incorporate MACH’s solutions into their offering as a white-labeled solution and direct bill the end customer on the Service Provider’s paper. Agents/VARs can seamlessly add 4G LTE connectivity to their product portfolio without having to change the way they are already doing business. MACH provides both pre-sales and post-sales support and direct bills the end customer while the Partner receives a percentage of the monthly recurring revenue.

In the near future anything than can be connected, will be connected. It is estimated that 20. 4 Billion devices will be connected by 2020 which represents the biggest opportunity for growth in the entire telecommunications industry

A key differentiator is the level of support MACH provides to their partners and end customers. This includes inventory management and equipment warehousing; conducting a multi-carrier coverage analysis for each customer location; activating, configuring and testing each device prior to shipping; proactively monitoring and managing all devices in the field; sending usage alarms and email alerts to the point of contact; and providing all ongoing technical support until problems are resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. In addition, MACH works directly with their partners to help them qualify each opportunity with a set of prepared questions that are used to determine what the customer wants to accomplish and identify the resources necessary to accomplish the customer’s objectives.

The timing of MACH’s Solutions-as-a-Service OpEx model was no coincidence. Early in the life cycle of cellular data MACH recognized the growth opportunities for mobile broadband as both primary and backup connectivity for businesses. Shortly thereafter many companies identified the need to protect their mission critical networks but did not have the CapEx budget approved to implement a solution. It was then that MACH began offering an OpEx model for Fully Managed Solutions-as-a-Service, No CapEx Required! The SaaS offering includes a router, a 4G data plan, remote monitoring and management of the devices, and ongoing technical support – all for a fixed monthly fee. The SaaS model has proven beneficial to both SMBs and large enterprises, lowering costs and reducing downtime without affecting capital budgets or adding to the burden of the company’s IT organization.
A Proven Methodology to Drive Results

MACH Networks is dedicated to helping partners provide the right solution for backup connectivity (wireless failover) and primary connectivity (ATMs & Kiosks, Branch offices, digital signage, POTS replacement, SD-WAN, transportation, video surveillance, etc.) applications. When the company was started, MACH focused on providing comprehensive, application specific, fully managed solutions, not just sell a router or a data plan.“Our goal is to provide the customer with the best possible solution for each location, and that includes providing the right device for the application as well as service on the best available network,” states Ochoa.

MACH Networks has worked directly with several national fast food restaurant chains and retail establishments by providing reliable primary and backup network connectivity for their corporate owned and operated locations. Without efficient and reliable connectivity, many of the locations were unable to connect to their internal business systems or their corporate headquarters. More importantly, these sites experienced a significant loss of revenue since their POS systems were unable to conduct credit card transactions during network outages. MACH Networks delivered yet again, providing resilient and reliable connectivity that enabled them to continue conducting business, even during network outages caused by man-made or natural disasters.

Cutting Across the Connectivity Industry

MACH knows that when it comes to network connectivity, different applications have different requirements so one-size does not fit all. That said, much of MACH’s success can be attributed to the strong relationships that have been forged with industry leading wireless carriers and device manufacturers. MACH offers 4G LTE services from the largest, fastest, most reliable 4G LTE networks across the U.S. and Canada, the most notable of theses being AT&T and Verizon Wireless. In 2014 MACH even created a proprietary application that conducts a multi-carrier coverage analysis enables them to provide service on the best available network for each customer location prior to deploying any devices. On the hardware end, MACH Networks is a trusted partner of Cradlepoint, Accelerated, and BEC, just to name a few. In fact, last year MACH received Cradlepoint’s Emerging Partner of the Year Award. “Having trusted relationships with industry leaders is a key element of our success. Our partners know us, they trust us, and they know we will provide the right solution for the end customer while providing a level of support that exceeds their expectations,” notes Ochoa.

Taking the Fully Managed Solutions model from a few large service providers to hundreds of telecom agents across the country was a big step for MACH, and they are currently expanding their inside sales organization to support the expanding partner channel. Having increase revenue by over 100 percent last year, the growth is evident, and they expect to raise the bar even higher in the years to come. As the market heads toward an increasingly connected world, and enterprises look for more reasons to ‘cut the cord,’ MACH Networks is poised to help their partners deliver fully managed wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry.

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Partners with landline service providers, telecom agents and VARs to provide fully managed 4G LTE connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things

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