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CIO VendorKim Murdock, President
Less manpower is a key strategy that will continue in the near future to enhance productivity and efficiency. CIOs today are tasked with delivering projects with smaller staff sizes. Dealing with smaller staff sizes becomes easier and more realistic with the insight into the utilization of all staff members and understanding exactly where projects stand at all times, which can efficiently complete the projects within prescribed time scales. Headquartered in Denver, CO, MAG Softwrx is functioning tremendously to serve this need of the industry. The firm offers tracking tools for various industries that traditionally lag in the project management capabilities. The tools are conceptualized in a manner to track the project status from a very nascent stage. Further, the tools are designed to be quick and easy to implement rather than requiring time-consuming training and maintenance.

Spearheaded by Kim Murdock, President, MAG Softwrx’s Timeless Project Tracking solution has grabbed the attention of many CIOs in the market with its impeccable features. The easy-to-use tool tracks the actual time worked on projects and the current status of the projects. An accurate tracking of staff’s time at a detailed level provides companies with better and accurate estimates, thereby increasing the chances of project success. This helps keep projects on track and to deliver them in a timelier and cost effective manner. It also provides CIOs with the discrete and detailed data they need when having the often tough conversations about the utilization of staff.

The solution is engraved with a status dashboard, which notifies on project status, budget, burn down rate and projected completion of projects. The My Assignments tab allows users to quickly and easily see all of their assignments, update their time and cost estimates, and complete their status in one place, thereby giving project managers and team leads the up-to-date information they need and decreasing the need for status meetings. In case of change in actions by team members, the Risk tab alerts on estimate changes as well as when projects are at risk of exceeding estimates and budget.

Timeless Project Tracking allows users and management to identify potential project issues, risks and delays before it is too late to recover

With such accurate monitoring of projects, it’s easy for management to diligently decide and take precautionary measures to complete them within the deadline.

As companies move more towards agile project methodology, MAG Softwrx is sharpening their tools to make it more functional to meet the requirements of varied industries. “No two companies are the same, so it is important for MAG Softwrx to provide the features and functionality that allow companies to manage projects based on their own methodologies,” states Murdock. MAG Softwrx’s solutions allow customers to break tasks down into any level of details required—up to 20 levels deep—and use this detailed information to more accurately show projects’ progress.

“We often receive comments from our customers that we are superior at incorporating their ideas. That is why we’ve had customers who have literally been using our software since the company began back in the mid-1990s,” asserts Murdock. “We have always believed the best way for staying relevant and satisfying customers is to listen to them. That is why we’ve always integrated customers’ suggestions into new versions and product releases,” says Murdock. As more companies have come forward to utilize management methods and software to increase their efficiency and growth, Murdock foresees a bright future for the project management sector and also for MAG Softwrx.

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