Magento: Architected for the New Era of E-commerce Innovation

Mark Lavelle, CEO On visiting Mara Hoffman’s fashion website with a plethora of designs and colors, one cannot help, but be amazed at how the brand is telling a story and engaging customers at every touch point. The website acts like an interface between the customers and the designer where she is sharing her bold and eclectic designs inspired from nature, mythology, and her travels around the world. The creativity and the splash of right color alongside easy navigation capture the essence of the brand in the digital shopping experience. But, just like Rome was not built in one day, designing the website required its fair share of creativity and resonance. Magento—an open source e-commerce platform was deployed by One Rockwell, a Magento Gold Solution Partner to conceptualize, design, and implement a responsive, modular design with key features and functionality to foster brand engagement site wide.

Today, the site fosters Hoffman’s creative freedom and allows for flexibility, and variety of content, as well as better merchandising opportunities leading to growth in the online sales. The platform allows building specialty shops that give the team at Mara Hoffman the ability to curate the collections by themes, drawing more traffic towards the popular retail e-commerce site.

There has been an alarming growth in the rise of e-commerce websites. The reasons include a platform where people can go sell and buy numerous products, creating a handy solution for both the vendors and consumers. This is where a top eCommerce platform becomes the most important factor. The best eCommerce platform permits clients to continue adding tools to their online store offering assistance with their growth, and essentially, freeing up huge segment of time, so the firms can concentrate on mission critical objectives.

Campbell-based Magento proffers users unparalleled flexibility to manage the content, looks, and functionalities of their e-commerce store. It offers a spontaneous administration interface that includes robust marketing, search engine optimization, and cataloguemanagement tools to give merchants the power to create sites customized as per their unique business requirements.

An Extensive Support Network
Magento is one the most flexible full-featured e-commerce software available to all types of businesses. Since it is opensource software, firms can use it in its original factory setting form, tweak it with slight changes or completely tailor it according to their business needs.

Magento e-commerce platform has added to its reputation as being one of the most reliable amongst online shopping cart website owners considering the ROI it generates

The software offers endless customizations through thousands of plug-ins and extensions available in the Magento community, from third-party sources or developers. Moreover, because it is flexible, Magento is fully scalable to grow and change as the business does. Another advantage of choosing Magento as an e-commerce platform is that it offers organizations the ultimate solution through a potent combination of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Considering some exceptional advantages the platform has been putting forth, it has fast culminated into a standout amongst some of the popular internet shopping basket site.

Magento offers different types of solutions to fit a business. For many small businesses, Magento Community is a great way to get started with the software— supported by a community of Magento users who can help firms modify the software for the business, giving more choices to fit the Webhosting budget and control all back-end processes. The company also offers Magento Enterprise, which gives enterprise-level functionality and support to configure a website and back-end workflows. It is a high performance, scalable e-commerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses. It has the enterprise-class features and the flexibility one needs to create an e-commerce solution, helping clients drive more traffic to their store, convert browsers into buyers, and boost online revenue.

The Key Features of Magento

Magento recommends and presents everything an organization needs to launch and manage their e-commerce business. With a focus on growth and scalability, the company provides a wide range of tools to help boost traffic, sales, and customer engagement. The e-commerce features Magento has in store can be customized with plug-ins and extensions. These include the availability of thousands of themes across the Magento platform and third party providers, which customize a website’s look, feel and functionality to fit a brand, company values and mission. The company also offers shopping cart—full-featured e-commerce software—that takes care of everything from checkout to secure payment processing. Customers can easily check out by signing up for an account or by using the service as a guest.
One can choose from multiple payment-processing options offered by Magento or use their own preferred payment gateways.

Another key feature being provided by Magento is giving customers instant access to the purchase-histories and tracking information for current orders. Customer accounts also allow users to save products to their wish lists for future purchases, as well as save their information for faster, more convenient checkout. The client’s can also use the admin panel to manage transactions, fulfill and ship orders, issue invoices, extend credit and do more, all from a single location. Magento also uses browser detection and responsive design to create a better customer experience by optimizing the online store and product pages on mobile devices.

The company also provides search engine optimization tools and configurations to boost traffic to their store and individual product pages from search results. Offerings include metadata for products and categories, site maps for Google and other search engines, and full control over URLs. Organizations can drive sales with promotions like private sales, sale invitations, special pricing, free shipping, and other discount options. One can also use customers’ shopping carts and individual pages to up-and cross-sell products with product reviews and comparisons, recently viewed products, “Send to a Friend,” and social sharing.

"Magento offers endless options and support resources when designing, launching, and maintaining an online store or website"

“Magento offers endless options and support resources when designing, launching, and maintaining an online store or website,” says Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento. “As one of the top open-source e-commerce software, Magento is continuously being developed by the company and improved with contributions from the Magento community of users and developers.”

For the future ahead, the company apart from building the software wants to focus on further developing the vast, growing collection of plug-ins and extensions available to customize their platform. As Lavelle and his team thinks that if there is a feature one wants to add to their online store, chances are it already exists and the client’s don’t have to develop the functionality themselves, instead just implement it. While there are great website builders that offer some e-commerce tools, choosing an online store builder that has a flexible and supportive platform is really important to clients and Magento is doing just that.


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