Mainsaver Software: Comprehensive Solutions for Asset Management

Businesses today require a global view of their operations with the ability to drill down into critical issues faced everyday by numerous maintenance and facility managers. Access to maintenance data, end of life, and other Compliance Certification Management System (CCMS) related data is critical to financial and production planning. Ensuring high exchange of data remains an essential factor in the overall value proposition of a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) program. Supporting the quantum leaps in technology, the San Diego-based Mainsaver Software celebrates its 32nd anniversary as a CMMS provider this year. “Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution is an integral component of an organization’s comprehensive asset management strategy by its virtue of integrating key data throughout the enterprise,” says Dave Shlager, CEO, Mainsaver.

Three major components constitute the Mainsaver Asset Management Software. The Mainsaver API provides seamless and comprehensive integration with enterprise applications such as Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Geographic Information System (GIS), and supervisory control and data acquisition solutions. It is configurable to support each organization’s unique business processes, reporting, and data requirements. Utilizing the latest web technologies to provide core asset management functionality to the mobile workforce, the Mainsaver Connect component supports application portability across multiple hardware platforms, operating systems, and web browsers.

The Mainsaver Core component, containing the core EAM functionality, includes over 1,400 basic functions, each with dozens of user-selected parameters allowing full flexibility to match a company’s maintenance and business practices. With more than three decades of report generation, Mainsaver has multiple versions of custom reports that can be modified, and the same holds true for interfaces as well. “We have interfaces to most of the ERP and financial systems and exchange data with major enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP on a regular basis,” says Shlager.

Mainsaver’s implementation methodology begins with a program requirements analysis. On completion, the client and Mainsaver develop an accurate statement of work and timeline to execute projects. The entire process utilizes multiple technical services groups, data conversion, training, development for interface design, professional services for business practices, and user acceptance and testing.
With proven experience as a CMMS provider, Mainsaver is helping more than 3,500 businesses leverage enterprise asset and maintenance management. For instance, the Mainsaver implementation at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Chicago serves over 5.1 million people. Mainsaver is in use for over a decade at MWRD to maintain its 547 miles of intercepting sewers, in addition to saving up to $35 million for MWRD, Mainsaver’s implementation ensures timely access to equipment records and histories and eliminates redundant data entry with an interface to SAP.

In the mature CMMS market, Mainsaver utilizes a combination of evolving customer business practices and evolutionary technology, rather than revolutionary technology. At Mainsaver, the team of seasoned veterans, with in-depth expertise and experience in financial, operational, and asset management, operate on a single game plan to align the CMMS to specific crafts and management requirements.

We have interfaces to most of the ERP and financial systems and exchange data with major enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP on a regular basis

This singular focus on providing maintenance information has allowed the company to remain attuned to changes at the operational level, ensuring local, state, and federal regulations are being met, while never losing sight of craftsmen’s safety and working conditions. In tune with the evolving technologies, Mainsaver has charted a multipronged approach to cater to the expanding customer base by integrating with GIS systems and offering full duplex data exchanges with any operational software via a simple API. The firm is envisioning building predictive modelling in the areas of equipment failures and deriving business intelligence through data analysis from CMMS.

Mainsaver Software

San Diego, CA

Dave Shlager, CEO

Provides end-to-end computerized maintenance management software within an integrated EAM framework.