Mammoth Data: Transforming Unstructured Data with Hadoop, Spark & Tableau

Andrew C. Oliver, President & Founder
“Every company wants to be data driven,” remarks Andrew C. Oliver, President and Founder of Mammoth Data, a leading Big Data consulting firm. Following his interactions with CIOs, Oliver recently observed that most leading companies realize the importance of data warehousing. However, most of these companies face challenges pertaining to high capacity consolidation, streaming, and analytics. Headquartered in Durham, NC, Mammoth Data specializes in combining modern big data technologies with high-level strategies, creating systems that organize and transform unstructured data into highly valuable business intelligence. Mammoth Data takes a hands-on approach by collaborating with key stakeholders, decision makers, technical support, and the direct users to understand the intricate challenges they face within an organization. “We go beyond developing dashboards and reports and help businesses with improvised decision-making,” states Oliver. By combining a data-driven strategy with technologies like Hadoop, Mammoth Data is able to structure a company’s growing data, making it scalable, flexible and comprehensible to ultimately meet the organization’s goals.

Mammoth Data’s methodology deploys cost-effective solutions, transforming a company’s data into real-time, actionable information available throughout the entire organization. As one of the leading technology consulting companies, Mammoth Data has specialized in new data technologies and NoSQL databases like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Tableau. To begin, their data scientists and consultants meet with the client’s executive suite, department heads, and technical staff. Once needs are assessed and an executive business strategy is developed, the company can use its expertise and experience to recommend the right technologies for the right task, mitigating avoidable risk.

Now-outdated technologies have left most companies’ data unstructured, and stored in one or more incompatible legacy databases. Mammoth Data is able alleviate those burdens by consolidating their multiple disparate data sources into one data warehouse, streamlining data analysis within the entire organization. Once Mammoth Data implements a user-friendly visualization tool such as Tableau, this once-disparate data becomes coherent and actionable.
This economical and easily-scalable structure is modern and future-proof, moving organizations away from legacy systems and towards a data-driven business model.

We go beyond developing dashboards and reports and help businesses with better decision making

Oliver refers to a case wherein Mammoth Data worked with a mortgage brokerage which was unable to integrate different data sources that came along with its acquisitions. Mammoth Data automated the enduring process of loading information from individual sources into an Impala-based enterprise data hub. The company also helped the organization with an initial set of dashboards and reports using Tableau, allowing the staff to get better insights into every aspect of the organization— from risks to opportunities, marketing, sales, and more. With Mammoth Data’s strategies, the firm skipped the massive infrastructure build-up and moved directly to the cloud. The firm was ultimately able to get the business intelligence they needed without the assistance from the IT staff, and will even be able to integrate a greater number of data sources in the future.

What started as a technology-driven company with best-in-class Hadoop expertise is now a business enabling everyone from the executive suite to Jeff in accounting to make more informed decisions. “I believe that technology is a game changer and it goes beyond just making businesses run better,” says Oliver, who is now looking forward to extending Mammoth Data’s services on a global scale. With a vision to make Mammoth Data a one-stop-shop for organizations who wish to become ‘data driven,’ Oliver with his expert team of data scientists and consultants will continue to deliver better insights into what is truly Big Data in business intelligence.

Mammoth Data

Durham, NC

Andrew C. Oliver, President & Founder

Mammoth Data specializes in combining strategy and experience with modern big data technologies to transform unstructured data in to real business intelligence