Mangan Software Solutions: Transforming Process and Functional Safety through Innovation

Steve Whiteside, President
With the widespread adoption of good engineering standards to execute Process Safety practices, CIOs face an unprecedented challenge surrounding the adoption and integration of potential solutions. “Managing the process safety lifecycle requires a comprehensive and holistic solution that can fit into the IT framework of a company seamlessly,” says Steve Whiteside, President of Mangan Software Solutions (MSS).

“Our flagship software, ProSys SLM, and our supporting software services provide organizations with a strategic solution that helps our client’s operations become more safe, compliant, and reliable.”

The spin-off of MSS as a division of its parent company Mangan, Inc. to a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2013 was built around t h e need to resolve these intricacies through a dedicated software company. The company’s charter was to offer easy-to-implement product and service solutions, specifically surrounding Process Safety Management and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Lifecycle Management. ProSys SLM, MSS’ innovative platform, manages vast amounts of process safety information in an underlying database, while leveraging an intuitive interface that provides easy to use workflows, reports, and analytics for the daily user.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, MSS provides the required Business Intelligence and software implementation services an organization needs to successfully integrate these solutions into their architecture. MSS offers cloud hosting services through its Business Intelligence Group (BiG) to reduce the burden on a CIO’s office in handling enterprise data integration, middleware systems development, and consultation services. “The BiG allows seamless integration of our products within our customer’s enterprise IT ecosystems, ensuring a smooth software deployment based on best practices,” adds Whiteside.
In addition to ProSys SLM, MSS leveraged internal industry experts to design and build SPInspector, a powerful and automated data quality software program that supports those in the Oil and Gas industry who have adopted SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) as their instrumentation database.

“With over 250 data queries, SPInspector offers significant cost savings while ensuring the customer’s SPI database remains in sync with their plant during capital projects and subsequent operations,” says Whiteside.

MSS has become a partner for many of the top organizations in the Oil and Gas sector through service offerings surrounding the configuration capabilities of ProSys SLM’s core platform. Organizations can configure the workflows and views within ProSys SLM to match their established engineering processes. “Companies have spent a lot of time and money establishing process safety procedures. Why should they have to change their standards and practices just because they purchased a software product?”, says Whiteside.

One of the reasons for the success of MSS is due to the innovation strategy that is the basis behind their R&D approach. Leveraging the “Voice of the Customer” strategy, MSS ensures that product development and features are kept in parallel with the trajectory of their client’s needs, requests, and challenges. The credit also goes to prominent engineers and diligent subject matter experts who handcraft MSS’ solutions from the grass root.

After establishing their predominance in North America, MSS is now striving towards increasing their business penetration in the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets. Earlier this year, the company opened an office in the UK.

“As the industry continues to adopt the latest functional safety practices, we will continue to increase our presence in these areas,” says Whiteside. MSS will continue to ameliorate their product ecosystem — adding more features, crafting convenient UI, enhancing their capabilities — empowering clients to take strategic value of data, process, and system improvements.

Mangan Software Solutions

Houston, TX

Steve Whiteside, President

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