Mango Languages: Leading Provider Of Intuitive Language Training Systems

CIO VendorCo-founders: Jason Teshuba, Mike Teshuba Ryan Whalen, Mike Goula
Acquiring foreign language skills is becoming imperative for success in a globally connected workplace. Mango Languages, a leading online foreign language and culture training program, helps learners discover an exciting new world and build successful cross-cultural relationships.

“In today’s global marketplace, developing a deeper understanding of foreign language and culture is essential for companies to successfully conduct business in the U.S. and abroad,” says Jason Teshuba, co-founder and CEO of Mango Languages. “This has created a growing need for language training systems in the business world and Mango has become a valuable language training resource.”

Mango Languages enriches lives with language and culture through self-guided programs that go beyond grammar and vocabulary. Mango’s courses emphasize the cultural insight needed to train multilingual workforces by helping speakers go beyond words and phrases.
Mango’s simple teaching methodology, “Intuitive Language Construction,” simulates real, everyday practical conversation. Its unique design provides users the ability to easily construct thoughts and ideas in their language of study. Learners start to engage in a conversation from the very first lesson by focusing on four key areas of language learning: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and culture. Lessons include strategically placed memory-building exercises to help users remember what they learn and critical thinking exercises to help them intuitively understand the language and adapt it to similar conversations. Cultural notes customized to each language are integrated within every chapter to enrich the learning experience.

Mango Languages offers more than 60 foreign language and 17 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. With up to four levels of study in its most popular language courses, learners are guided step by step from greetings to everyday conversational topics, imbibing cultural confidence. Mango’s ESL courses address the needs of speakers of different languages by presenting navigation and phonetics in the learner’s native language.

With features like Single Sign On, the software quickly deploys across institutional networks, and Mango Languages provides comprehensive assessment tools for administrators and educators to help them track the progress of their patrons, students and employees. Once an organization subscribes to Mango, they have limitless, simultaneous user access.

Mango Premiere, the newest product from Mango Languages, allows people to learn language by watching movies. Learners watch films in their target language and learn from the cultural and linguistic content of the storyline. It combines entertainment with education to create a unique learning experience.

Mango also has the ability to create specific solutions for corporate clients that are custom designed for needs like workplace safety, customer service and plant protocol. Easy access and free mobile apps enable people to learn a language from anywhere in the world.

Mango’s online language software provides language learning resources in public library, K-12, academic, government and corporate spaces. Mango partners with clients providing them the resources necessary to be successful, including administrator and end-user support, marketing and educational materials. With illustrious clients like The Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force, Kellogg, Hyundai Kia American Technical Center, HCA Management Services to name a few, Mango Languages helps clients learn the conversations and cultural insights that they need most.

Mango Languages

Farmington Hills, MI

Co-founders: Jason Teshuba, Mike Teshuba Ryan Whalen, Mike Goula

Leading Provider of Intuitive Language Training Systems