Manzana Group: Driving Loyalty

Yury Vronsky, Partner
Customer experience has become most critical for business success in almost every industry, including retail. Nonetheless, modern retailers are struggling to deliver enhanced customer experience due to unstructured communication with customers and the lack of expertise in implementing omnichannel systems. Adding to the woes, rising competition and the dearth of a single system to manage business opportunities and customers’ concerns are further squeezing the profit margin. Manzana Group, however, is turning the tide in favor of the retailers. Accredited by Microsoft in 2014 as one of the most trusted Microsoft Dynamics partner for retail industry, Manzana Group offers a state-of-the-art Manzana Loyalty management solution in a unified Microsoft Dynamics platform. “Our solution helps businesses launch marketing campaigns faster, improve communication and customer satisfaction that leads to greater customer traction and stronger brand loyalty,” says Yury Vronsky, Partner of Manzana Group.

Today, Manzana Group serves more than 10,000 stores and over 100 million its’ loyalty program members. Utilizing Manzana’s Loyalty program, the customers have been receiving awards from the professional community for the best loyalty programs in the market.

The company’s loyalty management solution comprises a set of tools for managing loyalty programs, and a mechanism to conduct marketing campaigns and targeted communications with customers. The uniqueness of Manzana’s Loyalty solution lies in its full scope of functionality to run successful loyalty program. This user-friendly interface is integrated with a set of diverse APIs that provides a holistic customer experience across all customer touchpoints and channels. Besides, the platform also forecasts and analyzes sales by the client; identifies trends, problems, and opportunities for further development of the business.

Additionally, the Manzana Loyalty includes a specialized analytics module to conduct high-quality analytics of the loyalty programs. Through the analytics, the retailers can gather information about consumer behaviors and analyze them to generate reports for effective marketing campaigns. By providing various segmentation methods such as RFM-analysis, binary segmentation, and segmentation by the date of the last purchase, Manzana Loyalty analytics helps to classify consumers better, develop and improve relationships with customers, drive loyalty while improving marketing campaigns. Further, to develop effective communication channels, Manzana Group creates ready-to-use mobile applications for loyalty programs on iOS and Android platforms.

Manzana Loyalty helps businesses launch marketing campaigns faster, improve communication and customer satisfaction that leads to greater customer traction and stronger brand loyalty

The company’s mobile apps enable participants of the loyalty programs to stay connected, receive personalized offers as well as notifications about bonuses and discounts. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Azure, Manzana Loyalty has delivered favorable results for companies from diverse industries including retail, banking retail, shopping malls, healthcare, and sports.

Microsoft Dynamics provides excessive CRM capabilities, while Microsoft Azure drives required infrastructure, platform and data services – such as SQL Azure Database, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake, Power BI etc.

Vronsky cites a case study to illustrate more about the product. Subsidiary of MediaMarkt —Europe's largest retailer of consumer electronics, multinational chain of stores with numerous branches throughout Europe and Asia. The company sought to run marketing campaigns faster, gain extra flexibility in promo mechanics and make loyalty program more productive by choosing Manzana Loyalty. The solution helped MediaMarkt in studying customer’s preferences and classifying customer’s behaviors to manage the marketing campaigns complexity across different consumer channels and analyze their effectiveness. These capabilities of Manzana Loyalty solutions allowed the client to manage marketing activities from a single user interface, all while winning more customers through the campaigns.

Providing efficient loyalty and CRM solutions, Manzana aims to continue with their customer-centric approach, understanding the customer requirements and delivering valuable solutions. With its inventive strategy, the company creates a win-win situation for the clients and their customers.

Manzana Group

Irvine, CA

Yury Vronsky, Partner

Offers solutions for managing loyalty programs (Manzana Loyalty) and CRM in a unified Microsoft Dynamics platform

Manzana Group