MapAnything: Ramping Up Field Sales through Location Intelligence

As the business world revolves around data and mobility to improve their bottom line, location intelligence is gaining immense importance. When used with intelligent data-driven platforms such as, location intelligence can unleash a myriad of opportunities for field sales executives as they can add context to Salesforce data. Enabling this dynamism in the decision making process is MapAnything, a mapping, geo-analytics, and location intelligence company that drives its clients to make context-based decisions across their business environments.

“The primary use case of MapAnything is to drive the field sales productivity by reducing the time spent on planning, driving, and data entry,” says John Stewart, CEO, MapAnything. The company’s approach in this pursuit rallies around schedule optimization. By making Salesforce data available on an interactive map, MapAnything adds context to data that helps field executives discover the leads and customers in their proximity. Enabled with visual reporting and the map-centric user interface, this platform enables executives to reduce travel time by looking at the optimized routes all while being able to replace quickly cancelled appointments with new ones highlighted in the map. With the ability to plot 50,000 records on the map at once, the platform enables field executives to win more customers quickly at low cost and reduced windshield time.

When it comes to monitoring the field sales, MapAnything virtually turns into a command center. With the ability to visualize sales progress and analyze aggregate data by territory, sales managers get insights into the efficiency of the sales teams. The insights also guide managers in creating new tasks, assignments, and in reassigning territories to different sales teams through the same mapping interface. By identifying accounts in a territory with regard to account owners, account type, location, and many such options, the sales teams can filter leads easily by using different color codes.With the Click2Create feature, executives and sales managers can add new prospects into Salesforce quickly and with ease.

The primary use case of MapAnything is to drive the field sales productivity by reducing the time spent on planning, driving, and data entry

The company’s premium data layers provide clients with a means to identify new accounts without leaving Salesforce. The U.S. Business Data Layer has data on more than 12 million U.S. companies with nearly 100 business attributes. MapAnything has also introduced a U.S. Property Data Layer that brings data for more than 140 million properties featuring more than 300 property attributes. With this premium data brought to the surface onto the map, businesses can customize their searches to find new accounts to target and add the information to Salesforce in seconds.

Businesses from industries such as finance, manufacturing, and pharma/life sciences have been able to improve their sales with MapAnything. When the sales team at Videojet–industrial inkjet printers and inks manufacturer–was struggling with schedule planning, MapAnything came to the rescue by enabling their sales teams to identify prospects that are close to their existing appointments—thus enabling them to schedule more meetings on any given day. By replacing the forms and lists with prospects highlighted in the map in real-time, Videojet could win more business.

Next on the product roadmap is the release of MapAnything Live, an add-on product that tracks the location (and status) of employees and vehicles in the field. This enables new levels of business process automation in Salesforce.

As a Gold-level ISV partner of Salesforce with over 1,000 customers, the company is striding ahead with relentless innovation and passion to deliver dynamic data on maps to companies worldwide. “While MapAnything helps Salesforce to get more business, we get the opportunity to build a brand,” notes Stewart. “We are the premium mapping, routing, and geo-location brand in the Salesforce ecosystem.”


Charlotte, NC

John Stewart, CEO

Mapping, geo-analytics and location Intelligence Company and a Salesforce partner helping businesses improve field sales by overlaying data on maps